I got the ick after red flag date split bill on fourth date – am I wrong

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    A woman has split opinion when she shared her "dating ick".

    Ashleigh Nekemen, from Brisbane in Australia, was back on dating apps after some time, and she was confident to say that "it's not for the weak".

    Sharing her recent dating experience, the 29-year-old turned to TikTok to ask for advice.

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    The Aussie explained she met a man on dating app, Hinge, and she was on her fourth date with him.

    "I say why don't we go for massages? We paid for our massages, then we decided to have sushi for lunch," Ashleigh said, hinting that's where the issue arises.

    "When we pay, the lady asks how do we want to pay this bill and he straight up says 'let's split it'

    "I'm like 'okay…' and the total was just $40 (£20). Anyway, by the time the lady came, she had a bit of trouble splitting the bill.

    "She was struggling a bit so I told her 'if it's easier, we can pay together'."

    Then she realised the guy had no intention to offer to pay, so she put her card down.

    Ashleigh said he didn't ask her for bank details to transfer money back to her.

    "So I have the ick now and he walks me to my car and goes in for a kiss and I make up an excuse and make up an excuse like 'Oh sorry I just ate sushi I'm not going to kiss you'," she continued.

    "Am I asking too much? These are still the early dates, this is when you are meant to still be impressing me."

    Viewers were divided as most women told Ashleigh that "real men step up to pay".

    "Mah, let him go, he's not a provider man!" one shared and another wrote: "That would be the last time I’d see him that’s ridiculous!"

    But other said the "equal rights treatment" serve both ways.

    One wrote: "This video proves why he split the bill, thanks for sharing!"

    "But you offered to do the 'pay together' thing so obviously you’re the one who has to pay it," a second reminded her.

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