I hate the unique names my wife wants to call our first child

I hate the unique names my wife wants to call our first child – I think they’re silly and tacky but she just feels I’m being rude and unsupportive

  • The soon-to-be father from the UK has sought advice from Reddit users 
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A soon-to-be father has criticised his pregnant wife for suggesting ‘silly’ and ‘tacky’ baby names.

Now that his first child’s due date is fast approaching, an anonymous British man took to Reddit to seek advice on the dilemma.

The soon-to-be father said that he preferred traditional names as he didn’t want his child to be ‘bullied’ or ‘taken less seriously’ due to a ‘ridiculous’ name.

However, his partner has suggested a list of unique names including Fennix, Park, and Diesel.

The man ridiculed these suggestions, but his partner said he was being rude and dismissive. Now he’s seeking advice from others on whether he’s in the wrong.

A soon-to-be father has voiced his concerns over his wife’s baby name suggestions on a Reddit forum (stock photo)

Posted to Reddit’s AmItheA****** forum, the soon-to-be father garnered sympathy from many who agreed that his wife’s suggestions were out of the ordinary. 

He wrote: ‘My wife and I are expecting our first child in the coming months and we have chosen not to find out the sex until the baby is born.

‘Things are starting to feel very real now so we’ve started to properly discuss names, but we’ve realised we both have vastly different tastes in name style and we are having a hard time finding the right one.

‘My wife likes names that are out there and unique but I find these names tacky and silly and would prefer a better known, more traditional name.

‘Last night she showed me a short list she had put together and thought I might like. The names on the list were:

‘Girl: Fern, Fennix, Rhodes, Faun, Brixtyn, and Kinley. Boy: Spark, Diesel, Quincy, Phoenix, Buck, and Fox

‘These names are tamer than what she’s suggested before, but I told her they didn’t feel right. I suggested ideas like Rose instead of Rhodes, Felix instead of Phoenix, and Buchanan instead of Buck. 

The anonymous man said that while he prefers more traditional names, his wife is suggesting more ‘unique’ names

‘I finally snapped when she suggested Zoomer. I asked if she was serious and said it was a stupid name. 

‘She asked what my problem was and why I was so dismissive of all her ideas and shooting down all the names she likes. 

‘I told her we were naming a child and not a dog, and that names can have a huge impact on the child. I said I don’t want my child to be bullied or taken less seriously because they have a ridiculous name. 

‘She told my I was rude and that I was the bully for making her feel unsupported. She started crying and went to bed. I decided to give her some time and space so waited till she was sleeping to go to bed.

‘I feel bad about coming at her the way I did, but I also feel it needed to be said.’ 

He added: ‘EDIT: When she got back I explained my concerns and apologised for how I reacted previously. 

‘She explained that she has a very common name and there were always multiples in school, and she doesn’t want that for our child. I very rarely experienced this so can’t really comment on how it feels.

‘We’ve decided to look into the app everyone is talking about, and to explore our family tree to see if there are any names we both like. Thank you all for your suggestions!

Thousands of Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts on the situation, and many agreed with the father 

‘Many people have asked to see some of the names that I like, so here goes- Boy: Oscar, Garrett, William, Benjamin, and Edward. Girl: Matilda, Elizabeth, Katherine, Eloise, and Harriet’

The post amassed thousands of comments from other members of the forum – with the vast majority siding with the husband over the wife. 

One person said: ‘NTA. So many people naming their kids like a 9 year old naming a goldfish or a valley girl naming a pocket dog. 

‘Unfortunately, it indicates that the parent considering these names does not see the child as a person, but a thing, an amusing accessory to show all her fans how cool she is. This is the first of many battles for the identity and autonomy of your child.’

A second person agreed and added: ‘NTA – while I do think acting in the way you did with your pregnant partner late in the pregnancy was ill advised, you ultimately do have your child’s best interests at heart and you are right, it needed to be said.

‘For example, I was born in Europe and have a unisex name, when we moved to the states when I was a kid, I found out that (at least in the 90s) it was seen as a girls name. I was dragged for that the entire four years we lived there. 

‘And I genuinely have a fairly common name. Now imagine any of the names your partner suggested.’ 

A third person gave the struggling man a suggestion and said: ‘My wife and I couldn’t agree on a name for our daughter, so we bought a huge book of baby names and a six-pack of sharpies. 

‘Both of us got full veto power and we each went to the book and crossed of thousands of names. We were left with a dozen we both liked, and there was no confrontation. Good luck!

Also NTA, anyone who wants to name their kid Zoomer needs to be stopped at any cost.’ 

A fourth wrote: ‘NTA. Your child is a human being, not a doll. The name you pick for them is one they’ll have their whole childhood, possibly their whole lives.’ 

Another person added: ‘It needed to be said. NTA. This is a hill to die on. Don’t let your kid end up with a men’s they’ll most likely hate, use another name instead, and then eventually legally change as an adult.  Your saving your kid time, money, and heartache.’ 

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