I left aristocratic family to become bimbo – now Im more plastic than human

A woman who was born into the privileged life of an aristocrat has opened up about throwing it all away to become a real-life Barbie.

Dolly Mix grew up with connections to the Royal Family but, after years of feeling like she didn't fit in with the lavish lifestyle, decided to go and live her dream of being a bimbo.

The busty blonde appeared on ITV's This Morning couch to speak to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield about how she believes she is now "more plastic than human".

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She already has had surgery on her lips and breasts and plans for more filler as well as even more extreme procedures.

Explaining her plastic lifestyle, she said: "So, my first surgery was 520ccs and now I'm at 1010 – hoping to get to, probably 2000."

She also said she is still going with her lip fillers as she "really likes the ultra-pout".

Holly also asked her about other more drastic surgeries – including the possibility of her having some ribs removed.

"There are more extreme things as well, you're considering having a rib taken away?" Holly said.

"I think we've spoken about this before, the dangers of doing it.

"Your ribs are there to protect your internal organs and if you remove one you are actually putting your internal organs in danger – but something you're willing to do?"

Dolly agreed with Holly about the risks but said: "It is something I am willing to do."

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The barbie fangirl also told the presenters that her family have turned their backs on her after throwing away the aristocratic life to spend thousands on cosmetic procedures.

She said that she will no longer have anything to do with her family for "many reasons" including that she believes she "doesn't fit into their box."

"I live my life how I choose and hope the people around me celebrate me for me," she added.

But she still claims she'd "choose a Barbie dreamhouse over a castle any day."


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