I quit my job at 25 and now make £300k a year – four times my old salary… here’s how I did it

A FORMER lawyer has revealed how he managed to quit his job at just 25 and now makes £300,000 a year with a new venture.

Andrew Chong left the corporate grind but now earns four times his old salary after stumbling on a side hustle – and even has a team of 15 working with him.

The now 27-year-old aspiring entrepreneur, from Sydney, said he tried several side gigs down the years in a bid to make more money.

These included selling shirts, teaching dance lessons and offering marketing services to small businesses but they all “failed pretty terribly’, he told news.com.au.

But then in March last year he came across a money making enterprise during Australia’s national Covid lockdown, when he had time on his hands.

Andrew offered to write resumes for jobseekers, through Fiverr a global freelance services marketplace.

For the first month nothing happened so he kept his job as a legal officer but “then it started blowing up” and was soon inundated with requests.

“That period was wild, sometimes I wouldn’t sleep for two or three days,” he said.

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“When I see potential I really have to sacrifice stuff, I was working full-time, trying to balance things.”

As a result of satisfied customers, the Fiverr algorithm prioritised him so soon more orders were piling in and he found himself “overwhelmed” with the workload.

He said his initial “crazy” plan was “to keep doing orders by myself until I couldn’t handle it” so when that time came he enlisted the help of friends.

“I told them to come to my place, told them to write resumes,” he said.

He now has 15 people working under him, with knowledge in different fields, including accounting, medicine and law.

Of the £300,000 he earns, he takes home half with the rest going on tax and paying his employees.

His team have written 3000 resumes for customers spread across 85 countries and their client base mostly consists of US citizens followed by Australians.

Among their successes is I’ve helping the chief technology officer of a US top 100 company.

He insists that you don’t have to be an expert in the jobseeker’s industry to help them.

“I find that everyone’s work history is still a work history, whether you’re in tech or law or sales,” he said.

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