I rent flat with two girls who kiss and walk about naked – its uncomfortable

I live in a rented flat with two girls who kiss, cuddle and walk about in the nude.

Both have full-time boyfriends but are in open relationships.

I’m no prude but find their behaviour embarrassing and inappropriate.

Every time I ask them to put some clothes on, they laugh or tell me to “get with the times” or get out.

JANE SAYS: Sounds to me like they want the property all to themselves – or have another mate they’d like to move in.

I suspect they’re being deliberately provocative in order to edge you out.

The time has come to call a grown-up house meeting. Make it clear this situation isn’t funny any more.

What did you ever do to deserve this level of disrespect?

Can’t they see how childish and selfish they’re being?

Sadly, if they’re still not willing to cover up and tone it down, then you’ll have to make an official complaint to the landlord.

But do not allow anyone to bully you – especially if you like the property and location.

How would they like it if you started playing them at their own game?

I’m highly sexed and expect to make love every other night.

I’m sick of my boyfriend pushing me away with pathetic excuses. He’s either too exhausted or not in the mood.

Recently I booked us a night in a romantic hotel. I took sexy underwear and fluffy handcuffs and he accused me of putting him under pressure. Then he failed to perform.

We used to have a loving relationship, so what’s gone wrong?

JANE SAYS: If there have been times when he’s been unable to perform he’s bound to be embarrassed.

Maybe he’s using the “exhausted” excuse to mask the fact he is too scared to attempt sex in case he ends up feeling humiliated.

Talk to him about erectile dysfunction.

Point out that this is a condition that many suffer from.

Causes can range from depression to high blood pressure.

His GP can help and information is under Erectile Dysfunction on the NHS choice website (www.nhs.uk).

Are you prepared to compromise regarding sex every other night? What about masturbation in between?

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