Im 45 and dress the same as my 17-year-old – its nice to get attention still

It is not often you will get a teen who is happy to have her mum dress the same as her – but 17-year-old Tatiana Fleming-Smith must be an exception to this rule.

The brunette beauty has gone viral on TikTok after she shared some clips of herself posing with 45-year-old mum Pandora Fleming-Smith in very identical outfits.

As Tatiana flaunted her toned torso in a white crop top, Pandora followed suit and looked like a true spitting image of her child as she donned a Bratz top.

The teen went viral – racking up over 600,000 views and endless amounts of comments from swooning users along the lines of, “omg you look the same”, “I want her mum” and “you look like twins”.

And getting as much attention as her daughter, Pandora, a sub contractor, admitted that she likes the attention she is getting online.

But does Tatiana feel the same about her mum sharing the limelight?

Pandora told Daily Star: “I am not going to lie, it is great to feel like I have still got it!

“When I mention how old I am, people are always shocked, especially when they find out that I have teenage kids.

“The great thing about having a 17-year-old daughter is that they keep you in touch with what is fashionable and cool at the moment.

“So she definitely inspires me, not the other way round.”

With her mum being inspired by her sense of style, Tatiana confessed that sometimes she does get "annoyed' – but is pleased that she is getting attention online.

Tatiana explained: “My mum does like to copy what I wear sometimes or copy a new style that I will recently be into which does sometimes annoy me.

“However, overall I love that she will know what sort of things I like; that we can go shopping together; and that she is happy to explore whatever fashion I am into with me.

“We spend a lot of time together and are always chatting and laughing about the most random things.

"We also love the same things – like working out and healthy eating, which helps too.

The teen continued: “I like the fact that people like my mum and that she gets attention online because I obviously love her and I want others to too (not in a weird way).

“I don’t mind people swooning over my mum as I like the fact that she looks good and her reaction to those comments always makes me laugh.”

But just how does super fit mum Pandora keep up her good looks and mega toned figure.

She shared: “I have been really into working out since I was young and I love eating healthy because it makes me feel really good. The combination of the two has worked well for me so far.

“As you get older your muscle mass decreases so I feel like it is really important to remain strong to keep your whole body in good shape."

Pandora claimed: “Staying fit and healthy makes me feel mentally strong and sexy in my body.

“I would say to those trying to achieve a similar body type to consistently exercise, do weight training, eat healthily, and drink a lot of water.”

You can follow Tatiana on TikTok here.

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