Im 63 and wear bikinis – I dont care about my age, its all about attitude

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    A woman has shared her advice on aging gracefully while rocking her bikinis despite being in her 60s.

    Robin, from Texas in US, encourages people to "own your age to the fullest" while showing her natural self on social media.

    The 63-year-old posted on TikTok where she sat on a sun lounger to show her sun-kissed skin.

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    "In my 60s and be a living proof that it's not about age, it's about attitude," Robin said.

    "Stay unfiltered and loud, be proud of that skin full of scars, here's to aging bolding my 60s and beyond."

    Robin poses in confidence to flaunt her body in a two-piece bikini.

    She added: "My hope is to continue age boldly, loudly and unapologetically throughout my 60s and beyong and truly appreciate the gift of each day."

    The pensioner also addressed on the common "myth" that people over 60s are considered "too old".

    Robin disagreed — she joins a gym, practises yoga and goes on date like any women of young age.

    "At 63, I don't feel at all too old to do things society trends to say I'm too told to do!" she said.

    "Honestly feel free to do almost anything and I consider age a gift.

    "Join me in changing the narrative society wants us to believe."

    Viewers agreed with Robin and praised her natural beauty.

    One man commented: "I'm 61 young and you don't look like 63 at all!"

    "Aging like a fine wine Robin!" a second wrote and a third added: "No, you don't look your age at all.

    Some asked Robin for fashion and beauty advice and she shared what she realised over the years.

    "Less is more it seems as I’ve aged," Robin gave tips.

    "Less make up doesn’t seep into the wrinkles as much. I have a regular exercise routine too."

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