Im a Mormon mum who makes £35k a month from sexy pix – but Church banished me

A Mormon mum claims she's been "excommunicated" from the Church because of her racy job.

Holly Jane, who rakes in around £35,000 a month selling sexy snaps, has been shunned by members of her congregation.

After a churchgoer "outed" her sexy venture to the local bishop, he reportedly visited her house to convince her to change her ways.

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The single mum-of-four, from California, said: "He lives under a rock and was referring to me like a prostitute.

"He said to choose between your career and your membership with the church."

And it seems he was very serious about his advice.

Holly claims to have received a letter from her parish stating her membership has been "terminated".

She says the letter was sent last year but she's only just received it.

And for this reason, she hasn't been able to appeal the decision.

The saucy influencer said: "I don't think I'm doing anything wrong.

"I knew there was a possibility I would be excommunicated but I thought there would be some other form of reprimanding. I was surprised they were that harsh…

"It's very rare for someone to lose their membership.

"It's like the Pope messaging you and saying 'you're done.'…

"I don't understand why it has anything to do with my membership – because I take my clothes off online I should no longer partake in the benefits of the church, partake of the sacrament or enter temple."

Despite the apparent hostility, Holly refuses to let it get her down.

The social media star believes God backs her career, which has proven to be very lucrative.

She said: "God supports me; I am celebrating the body he created in a tactful and classy way.

'I'm a good person and a good mum, it's all legal and I'm having a good time and working hard."

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