I'm a psychologist and these are two comebacks everyone needs to know

I use these two psychology-backed comebacks when I’m insulted by someone – and they work so well they never dare try it again 

  • A psychologist shared two comebacks to use against bullies
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A psychologist has shared the two stellar comebacks that will guarantee no one ever insults you again.

Grayson Allen is a University of Cambridge graduate who regularly shares psychological tips and tricks like how to instantly appear more attractive. 

He recently revealed two simple but effective methods to fight back against a bully.

‘When someone insults you, they are often just insecure or feeling bad,’ Grayson claimed.

The tricks included being empathetic and refusing to give the bully a reaction. 

Grayson Allen is a University of Cambridge graduate who shares psychological tips and tricks

1) The empathetic reply 

Grayson recommended staying relaxed after someone insults you.

‘Maybe pause for a moment, look around a little bit,’ he said. ‘Then ask them if they’re doing all right.’

The psychologist noted that it was essential to pretend to or to show genuine empathy for the bully.

‘Only a person who is suffering inside would insult someone else,’ he said.

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2) ‘Did you hear anything?’ method

‘Just ignore the insult,’ Grayson said.

‘If someone insults you one-on-one or in a group setting, just don’t change your facial expression, try to stay relaxed, and keep talking about the thing you were talking about.’

He said that ignoring them will make them squirm and feel uncomfortable. 

‘If you show that you’re completely not phased, or didn’t even hear it, that’s going to be awkward, they’re going to look bad, and you’re going to be in control.’

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Many thanked Grayson for his advice.

‘As the saying goes, no one can humiliate you without your consent,’ one said.

‘The person who has mastered themselves can’t be controlled!’ another added.

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