Is YOUR autumn wardrobe making you look cheap?

Is YOUR autumn wardrobe making you look cheap? Elegance coach reveals how to look more expensive on a budget – from a poncho to cream trousers tucked into riding boots

  • Elegance coach Anna Bey has revealed the ultimate must-haves this season 
  • Geneva-based School of Affluence founder revealed the ultimate 10 items
  • She encouraged fashion enthusiasts to pair their autumn outfits with a scarf 

We might be mourning the loss of summer, but at least it means we can finally embrace an autumn wardrobe – filled with comfy coats and classic boots.

And elegance coach Anna Bey, who lives in Geneva, has revealed the ultimate must-haves this season – from embracing the poncho to sporting culottes and a classy shirt. 

Boasting more than 993,000 subscribers on YouTube, the School of Affluence founder’s latest video details the ultimate 10 items every classy lady should invest in now that summer is nearly over.

For instance, she encouraged fashion enthusiasts to pair their autumn outfits with a scarf – varying the size and colour depending on the ensemble. 

Embrace the poncho 

Elegance coach Anna Bey, who lives in Geneva, has revealed the ultimate must-haves this season – from embracing the poncho (pictured) to sporting culottes and a classy shirt

Anna said: ‘I’m going to talk about a garment that I think is quite underrated. However, I see a lot of high value and many elegant women wear this, especially in fall. 

‘Ladies, I’m talking about the poncho, because the poncho is really a great garment to own for the fall season because it’s very, very versatile. And especially if you get one that is either in black or cream, or in a caramel colour. 

‘Then you know what? This poncho is going to go with literally anything that you own. It’s very appropriate for this transitional season and investing in a piece that’s cashmere or wool, it can also really carry into your winter wardrobe. 

‘I would say however, though, do not wear those ponchos with a bit of frill or a fringe because they tend to look a little bit less expensive.’

The long ‘waistcoat’ vest is a must

‘It is amazing for layering in the fall season,’ said Anna, after introducing the idea that the long ‘waistcoat’ vest is a must-have this season.

‘But I know many of you might be wondering, how do we wear one? And I need to first and foremost tell you one thing is that the long vest, it tends to carry a little bit of an androgynous and masculine energy, which is important that you are aware of. 

‘However, it doesn’t mean that it’s now impossible to incorporate this in your elegant and feminine wardrobe. Not at all ladies. Plus don’t forget that there are different elegant and feminine fashion style personalities. 

‘Get a long vest with a belt to create that kind of feminine shape. Or maybe wear a vest over a dress or something like that because that really creates the more feminine illusion.’

Boasting more than 993,000 subscribers on YouTube, the School of Affluence founder’s latest video details the ultimate ten items every classy lady should invest in now that summer is nearly over (stock photo)

Staple shoes to have are black boots with a pointy toe 

Anna said: ‘A staple shoe that I believe all ladies need to have in their wardrobe is the classic black boot with a pointy toe. Ideally I want this boot to have a little bit of a heel. 

‘So it’s not a flat boot, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a stiletto heel. Maybe you can have a shorter, bulkier heel that you can actually use for your everyday type of wardrobe. 

‘Why I like this shoe is because when the pointy part points out underneath your trousers, it really gives you the illusion of longer legs. And you can also wear these types of boots with A-line skirts or A-line dresses and still it would look really suitable.

‘You don’t necessarily have to go for black, you can also experiment with colour. I said black because I believe that’s the kind of first and foremost colour we tend to start with when it comes to buying our footwear.’

Team light-coloured trousers with some riding boots

The elegance coach insisted: ‘The beige skinny trouser or any light colour trouser inside a riding boot is a really expensive and nice look for fall that I really don’t want you to miss out on. 

‘Plus it’s very classic, it’s very traditional, it’s very elegant. Now you don’t actually have to go for black boots. 

‘By any means, you can go for brown, for caramel or grey or even burgundy. Also the beauty of this look ladies is the fact that you can walk around in this shoe. 

‘You can definitely have this outfit when you’re running errands in town or when you go to the park to drink your pumpkin spice latte.’

Sport a light coloured trench coat

The elegance coach explained that the trench coat is now longer an expensive addition to a wardrobe since they’ve been ‘replicated in all price categories at this point’.    

‘A light trench coat is going to really elevate your look and also wear it with a nice little bag with a nice pair of boots or heels,’ she said. 

‘When fall is here, we do not want the whole winter, heavy coat and the trench coat is so perfect [instead of that]. 

‘It’s still a fairly thin material, meaning that you don’t have to go all in a thick coat feeling like you’re sweating and you’re bulky and you’re uncomfortable. 

‘The trench coat is really sophisticated in that sense. So it’s also one of those staple pieces that you must invest in at some point. Whether it is today, tomorrow or later, but at some point you will need one in your wardrobe.’

Keep to neutral shades  

‘This is a classic tip of mine but I cannot repeat myself enough because if you want to look basic then use dark colours in the fall and winter like every other [person] out there,’ said Anna.

‘If you want to stand out and you want to look elevated and a little bit different and elegant then of course you need to not maybe go in that colour scheme. 

‘That’s why I really believe in the power of brightening up our colours and neutrals are just so classic and so versatile and always elevate any garment.’ 

Scarves are the ultimate autumn addition     

‘Now is really the time ladies to invest in those scarves,’ said Anna. 

‘To get those extra layers of protection which is going to protect you against the cold, but you know, it also adds that little cute accessory around your neck. 

‘From a styling perspective, the scarf is really, really useful and many tend to neglect it, because there’s so much you can do with a scarf.

‘You can wear it with a dress, you can wear it underneath the shirt, you can wear it over a top. 

‘Maybe you want to add some colour to your outfit. Then make use of the scarf and do it this way. 

‘The bigger scarves are of course for covering up your outerwear – but the smaller size scarves are the ones that you really need to start accessorising with.’

‘It’s such a classic, elegant and also sophisticated look for fall,’ said Anna after describing how best to wear culottes this season – with a pair of boots (pictured)

Don’t neglect the shirt this season

‘I don’t want you to neglect looking smart this winter by only starting to wear sweaters and bulky upper wear just because you want to have long sleeves and be warm,’ insisted the elegance coach. 

‘Shirts are long sleeved too, and I feel like they’re the ultimate element to elevate any outfit. 

‘So for this reason, you should really wear more of them and also in all kinds of different colours, not only in white.

‘And when you start thinking it’s getting too cold for me to just wear a shirt, then use it in your layering process or even get a base layer in your skin colour that you just wear underneath your shirt. This way, you can wear your shirts all year round and not feel cold.’

Pair culottes with boots 

‘It’s such a classic, elegant and also sophisticated look for fall,’ said Anna after describing how best to wear culottes this season – with a pair of boots.

‘In particular for fall, because this is not something we’re going to wear in spring or summer, and now is boots weather, so really show off those boots and you do that easily with a pair of culottes.

‘Plus what I like about the culottes as well is the fact it kind of looks a bit like a skirt. Now that’s going to make you look feminine. It’s just a suitable and very flattering look for fall.’

Get some wool tailored trousers 

‘I know that many ladies like to bring out their skinny jeans and leather pants during fall and there’s nothing wrong with that,’ said the elegance coach. 

‘But it’s definitely not going to elevate your look, because you’re just going to look like everyone else. 

‘So I really believe in the tailored trouser because if you wear it in a fabric that looks more polished, like wool, it is a very kind of expensive fabric and it also looks expensive and also keeps its structure and doesn’t really crease easily.

‘So I definitely recommend getting that maybe in bootleg or wide leg – and especially if you pair it with a pointed toe heel or boots, because it’s going to really elongate your leg and it’s really classy and it’s really slimming.’

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