Jailtales host reveals what it's like to be inside on Christmas Day

‘I’ve served time in 28 UK prisons and here’s what it’s REALLY like being locked up at Christmas’ – Ex-con behind Jail Tales TikTok account reveals

  • Jail Tales host Jamie Robinson chats to just-released prisoners at UK prisons
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A former serial prison inmate has revealed what its like to spend Christmas Day behind bars – and also opened up about the pain of being separated from cell mates he’d grown close to. 

Ex-con Jamie Robinson, 38, who hosts TikTok channel Jail Tales, which sees him interviewing people as they leave prisons and courtrooms, has spent time in 28 UK prisons, including Strangeways, Brixton and Pentonville.  

Robinson, who grew up on ‘a rough estate’ in Preston, told The Good, The Bad and The Ugly podcast about the realities of spending the festive season inside, saying prisoners ‘don’t care’ about Christmas Day. 

The TikToker, who has more than 37,000 followers, first found himself in court aged 12 for battery and has since served multiples terms in prison for violent crimes and drug dealing. 

Robinson, who was addicted to heroin before getting clean in his thirties, told podcast host Tony Murrell that he doesn’t look back fondly on spending December 25th in prison. 

Jamie Robinson, 38, who grew up in Preston, is the ex-con behind the successful Jail Tales TikTok account, which sees Robinson chatting to just-released prisoners on camera

He said: ‘It’s just another day in jail. People who have been imprisoned don’t even think about Christmas. 

‘You get Christmas dinner but it’s just another day you want to get out of the way. 

‘You want New Year to get out of the way too so you start a fresh year, so you’re a year closer to going home, especially when you’re doing big sentences.’

Revealing how cell mates become like family, the ex-con said the bond between those who share a prison cell is hard to break – and it can be devastating when prisoners are separated. 

Appearing on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly podcast, Robinson, who’s been in 28 UK prisons, is now going straight – and opened up about spending Christmas Day banged up

His time in prison also left him with a respect for prison officers, he says, telling host Murrell that he considers them ‘bad a**es’ because of what they deal with every day 

He said: ‘People who’ve been in jail will be able to relate to this. If you’ve been in prison with somebody and you’re padded up with them and you’ve been chilling with them for longer than a year and everything you do you share. If one of you gets moved, you cry your eyes out mate. It’s a killer.’

Robinson also revealed the horrors of spending time in prison, saying he’s seen ‘dead bodies’, recounting how he once witnessed a fellow inmate being glassed to death during a football match – as regional burger bar wars spilled over into prison life.  

He told the podcast: ‘I remember one time playing inter-wing football. There was a tackle, I remember thinking “that wasn’t a bad tackle”. I walked over and the kid’s rolling around with a Nescafe jar stuck out of his neck.’ 

The ex-con, who battled heroin addiction, told the podcast of some of the horrors he’d been exposed to during his prison sentences, including seeing an inmate glassed with a Nescafe jar

Robinson told the podcast the person responsible was given a life sentence after being caught on camera committing the murder. 

Speaking about the prison officers – often dubbed ‘screws’ – he encountered, he said he respected the profession after experiencing it first hand.

He told podcast listeners: ‘You get up every day knowing you’re going into prison, the bell’s going to be pressed five times a day at least and you’re going to running to people’s faces being opened up, people being hot watered…to be a screw and run and do that every day, you’ve got to be a bad a**’. 

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