Judge Denies Request to Lower Bail for Boy Accused of Killing Mom Over Amazon Order

The 10-year-old charged as an adult with murder reportedly only has $100 in savings from birthday gifts, his allowance and money found from couch cushions.

The 10-year-old Milwaukee boy accused of killing his mother after she reportedly refused to order him a VR set on Amazon appeared in court this week with a plea to have his bail amount lowered from $50,000 to just $100.

His attorney is said to have argued that since he has no source of income, his bail should be lowered to what he had in his savings — which amounted to $100 from birthday presents, his allowance and money he found in-between couch cushions.

Per the Milwaukee Journal, the prosecution also argued for the court to impose a travel restriction on the child and requested that, should he make bail, he’d be required to stay with a family members.

During the proceedings, Judge Jane Carroll admitted bail conditions for adults “don’t make a lot of sense when applied to a 10-year-old.” The suspect has been charged as an adult with first-degree reckless homicide. FYI: In Wisconsin, children as young as 10 can be charged as adults for serious crimes.

Prosecutors: 10-Year-Old Boy Killed Mom After She Didn't Let Him Place Amazon Order

She ultimately denied the bid to reduce his bail and did agree to the travel restriction, but did not make it mandatory for him to be placed in his family’s custody if released.

It’s unclear who else the child would stay with, but the judge said he should be placed on GPS monitoring. The ruling means the boy would not be able to leave the state to live with his father, who is also his legal guardian, in Illinois.

The boy reportedly “mostly kept his head down” throughout the proceedings and was not placed in shackles or restraints.

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The fatal shooting went down on November 21 and, at the time, police initially said the boy had been “playing” with a gun and twirling it around his finger when it went off as his mom did laundry. But the child’s family members called authorities the next day regarding his behavior after the shooting, prompting a follow-up interview with the child, who then allegedly admitted to aiming the gun at his mom.

He allegedly said he pulled out the gun from a lock box in their home because his mother woke up him a half hour early … and she wouldn’t let him place an order on Amazon. Adding that the child allegedly didn’t show remorse or emotion over his mother’s death, his aunt and sister also claimed he logged into his then-deceased mother’s Amazon account the morning after her death to order himself an Oculus VR headset.

He was then accused of attacking his 7-year-old cousin — and, after his aunt brought him to his grandmother’s house, allegedly said he was “sorry for killing my mom” before asking if his Amazon package had arrived.

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