Kanye West’s $2.2 Million LA Ranch Is Abandoned & Dilapidated

Kanye West may have an impressive real estate portfolio, but that doesn’t mean he takes care of all of his properties. His Los Angeles ranch recently made headlines for the dishevelled state it’s been left in amid the rapper’s ongoing financial and legal problems.

According to Daily Mail, the home has been boarded up since September 2020, though it use to serve as the headquarters for Kanye’s Sunday Service and Donda Academy.

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After building a set of domes on the property in 2019, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works ordered to tear them down after it began receiving complaints from neighbours, who were bothered by the noise and traffic the construction brought.

“Cars everywhere, and it was obviously an imposition on everybody on the street with very little notice,” one of the neighbours told KCAL.

Ye also reportedly didn’t obtain the proper permits to build the Star Wars-inspired domes beforehand, prompting the city to order him to tear them down.

Kanye subsequently built a wall around the L.A. property and went on to construct similar domes on a property he owns in Wyoming.

Now, it appears Ye has abandoned the Calabasas home. Aerial photos show the windows boarded up and walls collapsed. There’s a wire fence standing in place where one of the walls is broken. There’s also trash strewn around the property.

“Parts of the walls around the main building have fallen, leaving gaps in the fencing as the white fabric covering the fence has started to fray,” Daily Mail reports.

“A 4×4 tank has also been seen on the property near the broken partition, as well as a barbeque smoker,” the publication continues.

The Yeezy founder reportedly bought the 1.25-acre property in 2018 for $2.2 million. With two guest houses, the property features a total of 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

It’s unclear what Kanye plans to do with the property, but he may be considering selling it given his ongoing financial problems. The rapper was stripped of his billionaire status after losing his Yeezy partnership with Adidas following a series of controversial behavior, including antisemitic and anti-Black comments.

Kanye is also facing a number of lawsuits, including a million-dollar one filed by his former manager.

The financial problems are reportedly catching up to him, as he even had to cease renovations on one of his Malibu properties. But given the dilapidated state his Calabasas home has been left in, he may need to invest in some improvements before it’s ready to go on the market.

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