‘L&HH: Hollywood’: Brittany B. & Lyrica Go Head-To-Head After Summer Bunni Reemerges

A lot of drama went down during the Nov. 25 episode of ‘L&HH: Hollywood’. Especially after Summer Bunni showed up to Yoyo’s event unexpectedly.

Lyrica Anderson found herself in two big messes during the Nov. 25 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. First, she nearly ran into A1’s mistress — Summer Bunni — at Yoyo‘s music event, when Summer showed up and demanded to be let into the venue. But because Summer Bunni wasn’t on the guest list, security wouldn’t let her go inside. So instead, she stood outside, screaming and crying, saying how everyone comments on her Instagram and calls her a “homewrecker” but won’t face her and have an actual conversation. Lyrica actually almost went outside to face Summer, but A1 stopped her, and asked her to stay out of the drama — so she did. And Summer eventually left.

But that wasn’t the only drama that Lyrica had to deal with this week. Lyrica was also furious with Brittany B. for taking a crack at her marriage on social media. Apparently, before tonight’s episode was filmed, Brittany had suggested that Lyrica should get a paternity test for baby Ocean, as she didn’t believe A1 is the boy’s father. So when Blac Chyna, who’s friends with both Brittany and Lyrica, found out about the drama, she asked Lyrica if she’d meet with Brittany B. in an effort to squash their feud. Lyrica was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed.

Unfortunately for Lyrica, she should have gone with her gut because as soon as Brittany walked into their meeting, she went off on Lyrica. First, Brittany called Lyrica “Lie-rica” — and then, she started taunting Lyrica and told her that she can’t sing. Blac Chyna suggested that they leave, but Lyrica kept going back at Brittany and eventually she shoved the entire table towards Brittany B. and security had to step in. But the fight was also cut short because the episode ended, so to see what happens next, you’ll have to tune in next week.

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