Lift hooded eyes with basic eyeshadow tip for mature complexions

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Eyes are described as “hooded” when excess skin and soft tissue around the eyebrow covers the eyelid, but not the eye itself. The condition leaves a visible crease on the lid and is something many people are born with, while others develop hooded eyes when they grow older. Though they can’t be reversed, a beauty expert has shared how to “embrace” the changing shape of ageing eyes using flattering makeup techniques.

In a recent video posted on her YouTube channel, makeup artist Kerry-Lou explained how to “correct” eyes that have become hooded with age.

Being over 60-years-old herself, the cosmetics expert has “first-hand experience” with the eye shape that sometimes makes her “look more tired” than she is.

With minimal products, she showed viewers how to transform the face and accentuate the high points of the eyes to create a more lifted look.

Kerry-Lou said: “Hooded eyes are wen the muscles and the skin around your eye starts to droop over the eyelid so you can’t see the eyelid anymore, and in some cases, can actually interfere with vision if it gets low enough and goes over the lashes.”

The beauty expert explained that fortunately, there is a “basic technique” that can “disguise hooded eyes” while still looking natural.

For the base of the eyes, she recommended applying concealer with a small brush to block any discolouration and make the eyeshadow last longer.

Kerry-Lou suggested using a hydrating formula for dry, mature skin to effectively smooth out wrinkles between the lash line and brow bone.

She said: “To get the contour illusion where you want it, the first thing you have to do is look at yourself dead-on in the mirror and decide on the area you want to recess with this technique.”

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Using a fluffy, angled brush, the makeup artist started applying a light brown shade in the subtle arch of her eyelid to establish a deeper crease.

She noted that the key to a natural, no-makeup look is to use a neutral shade that’s not too warm or too cool.

Demonstrating the technique on just one eye, Kerry-Lou proved the difference just a small amount of eyeshadow can make to hooded eyes.

For more definition, the makeup expert recommended applying a few layers of shadow to carve out the depth of the lid.

She said: “Now, you could stop here for a very natural look, but I’ll go ahead with a slightly smaller brush just above my lashes with more of the same colour.

“Making it a little more intense now, you’ll see the effect is more noticeble.”

To complete the look, the New York-based cosmetics expert swept a vanilla-toned eyeshadow just above her iris.

The finishing touch was to add a highlighting product underneath the brow bone to accentuate the arch, which according to Kerry-Lou, “really helps to lift the eye area”.

She added: “It makes quite a difference yet still with a very subtle before and after.”

The beauty expert then curled her eyelashes using a c-shaped curler and applied a black, volumising mascara from L’Oreal.

While black is the most popular shade, you can use brown or even blue mascara instead for a softer look, though you should try to match it to your eyeliner if you choose to add this to the look.

After applying the shadow and mascara products, Kerry-Lou concluded: “I think the eyes look much bigger and more awake.”

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