Love Islands biggest editing blunders from disappearing contestants to bizarre nudity clip

After nine series on the air, it's probably no surprise that Love Island has been hit by a few continuity errors in its' time.

The show has accidentally aired nudity after a naked boob was missed by editors, has seen contestants magically and inexplicably change makeup looks in the middle of games, dumpings and chats, and has even left fans seeing double as one contestant was accidentally edited into a shot twice.

As the 2023 series heads into its' final days there might be more to come, but here's a list of the show's worst editing offences so far…

Love Island accidentally airs a nip slip

During the 2021 series of the show, a scene in the girls’ dressing room missed that one of the girls’ towels had fallen down, leaving her whole boob exposed.

The shot focused on Abigail doing her makeup, and the normally eagle-eyed editors missed that in the background breasts were actually on-screen.

Zara’s eyelashes go awry

2023 contender Zara Lackenby-Brown confused fans during a game when it looked like her false eyelashes fell off, only to return just moments later.

The sudden switch made fans very suspicious of the editing as Zara’s ever-changing makeup look didn’t fit with the apparent timing of the game.

Tanya switches outfits

Tanya apparently switched her evening look in one episode of the 2023 series – leaving fans suspicious that two nights’ worth of footage had been spliced together.

Tanya could be seen in the dressing room in a denim jumpsuit, but had been wearing a black mini dress all night.

Fans see double of Dami

2022 contestant Dami Hope seemed to appear twice in one shot in an editing blunder that had confused fans convinced they were seeing double.

The shot shows Dami both sat at the firepit with the boys and apparently walking across the villa with partner Indiyah Polack – spooky.

Laura and Paul switch steps

2018 finalists Laura and Paul were having a deep meaningful convo about the future of their relationship, but all fans could focus on was the inexplicable jump between cuts.

In one shot, the pair were sitting at the bottom of the set of stairs by the pool but – mid-convo – suddenly found themselves a couple of steps higher.

Georgia and Jack’s kiss is allegedly filmed twice

The 2018 villa was rocked when contestants Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler feuded over who kissed who during a drinks date.

Fans were convinced that Georgia was in the wrong and had planted the kiss first, but the waters were muddied when an eagle-eyed fan spotted that the couple in the background of the shot were in completely different positions between angles – leaving fans accusing the producers of filming the scene multiple times for maximum drama.

Kaz appears out of nowhere

2021 viewers spotted a continuity error as the boys chatted among themselves on the day bed.

Hugo, Liam and Aaron were chatting and an aerial shot of the day bed showed that it was clearly just those three. The camera then cuts to Liam before returning to a wider shot, in which Kaz has inexplicably appeared out of thin air and is lying between Liam and Aaron.

Tanya disappears from a chat

Love Island hadn’t learnt its’ lessons from the 2021 series, it seems, as in 2023 the show suffered from a very similar blunder, this time involving Tanya Manhenga.

This time, she was clearly in the midst of a chat with Shaq and Jordan but, after a quick cut to a beach hut confessional from Shaq, seemed to completely vanish mid-convo.

Anna and Yewande swap over

During an emotional girls’ chat by the firepit in 2019, the rest of the girls pulled contestant Lucie to accuse her of not liking them.

Lucie grew tearful, but viewers were mainly focused on Anna and Yewande magically swapping seats between camera shots.

Anna was initially sat on the far right, but moments later was replaced by Yewande.

Lucinda loses her lashes

It's a wonder that the producers still let the girls wear false eyelashes, as it's so often that the editing is caught out by them coming off and on.

This time, the victim was Lucinda who lost her eyelashes between shots during an emotional dumping that saw her and partner Brad left vulnerable.


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