Man asks if he’s a ‘menace’ for sleeping naked in bedroom

A man took to Reddit in frustration after being chastised for sleeping nude in his own bedroom. Several forum users thought he was bang out of order.

A 28-year-old explained that he chose his home because the bedroom faced east, meaning he could wake up to the morning sun.

There used to be a line of trees creating a barrier between the house and “any potential neighbours”.

This meant that his nude sleeping was not an issue as nobody could see in.

Indeed, he stated: “I never saw the need for curtains or blinds along with they are expensive as hell for the nice ones.”

However, problems arose when his neighbourhood expanded and most of the trees were cut down to build new houses.

The man continued: “So boom, then there’s a house was built right across from mine, and their window has a clear view into my bedroom.”

The man’s nude sleeping was quickly disturbed when a father from the household opposite “pretty much told [him] to stop”, giving the reason that his family could see in.

The naked sleeper stated: “He wasn’t nice about it. But, he wasn’t mean either just matter of factly like he gave me an order a fully expected it to be done like I was his kid or his employee.”

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In response he pledged to be more “mindful” of his nudity.

He stopped cleaning and making his bed before getting dressed, instead putting shorts on before getting on with his day.

He did not, however, give up the nude sleeping, and admitted he was still “occasionally” visible to the neighbours in the morning before he got dressed.

The father came over again to chastise him for his sleeping habit, resulting in an “argument”.

He argued that while he was trying his best to be considerate, he wouldn’t change his lifestyle just because they moved in.

The neighbour allegedly threatened to call the police, branding him a “menace to the neighbourhood”.

The naked neighbour took to Reddit to ask fellow forum users if he was the “a**hole” in the situation.

One user sided with him, saying that the father could equally put up curtains himself rather than asking his neighbour to block out his morning sun.

Another joked: “If he bothers you again, ask why his family spends so much time looking in your bedroom.”

But another chimed: “While you have every right to be naked and do what you want in your own home, your neighbours (and particularly their children) also should not have to see you naked without their consent.

Your neighbours could get blinds/curtains but equally so could you.”

They suggested privacy films that attach to windows with static for a cheap option.

Another said: “Omg dude, just get some f**king curtains. YTA for acting like there’s no alternative.” Another seconded this: “Your neighbors AND THEIR KIDS don’t want to see you naked in the morning. Even for a second. Get some curtains or blinds. Even cheap inexpensive ones. Who cares if their ugly. They don’t want to see you naked.”

One Reddit user came up with a solution that works for everyone: “Sheer curtains. Everyone’s happy.”

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