Man branded 'weird' for telling his parents when he has oral sex

Some of us are more open about our sex lives than others, but if there’s one rule we can all pretty much agree on, it’s that we would rather keep that part of our lives separate from our parents.

You might have a wonderful relationship with dear old Mum and Dad, but that doesn’t mean they need to know you were swinging from the chandeliers last night.

But one 22-year-old woman was stunned when she learned that her partner, 26, shares the news with his parents after they’ve had sex.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained while they are yet to have penetrative sex, they do enjoy oral sex – and his parents often know about it. She said: ‘He told me that sometimes after we do the deed, he lets them know that we’ve “just had fun”‘.

She explained: ‘We are both not very sexually experienced, and we have both got some issues.

‘His parents live abroad, but he is very close to them. His father has come over for a visit today from his country and I met him in the morning. My boyfriend has told me that his parents know everything about him, and he speaks with them about anything. He is often calling and texting them.

‘Then, yesterday, he told me that when his father comes he will be sure to ask about his intimate issues to get advice. He told me he would also be willing to speak to his mother about my intimate issues.

‘I started to get a little uncomfortable, and I outright asked, do you tell your parents we have sex (oral). And he told me that sometimes after we do the deed, he lets them know that we’ve “just had fun”.

‘He told me that, since he is a virgin, his parents in a way are keeping an eye on him in this regard, and he wants to keep them updated.’

The woman said the situation left her feeling ‘upset and quite icky’ and ‘violated’ because ‘sex is something very private.’

Obviously, we’re only getting on side of the story – and the post doesn’t go into further details –  but comments were quick to side with the girlfriend.

‘This is so unbelievably weird,’ wrote one person. ‘WTF do they even want to know?’

Another added: ‘He sounds a bit weird to me. Why do his parents need to know when you’ve had sex. It’s a huge violation of your privacy at the very least.’

And some suggested that this should be a deal breaker: ‘That is completely weird and I would reconsider the relationship, if they are so inappropriately involved in his personal life you have a potential nightmare ahead of you.’

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