‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Corey Feldman Trash Talks Aaron Carter — He’s A ‘Little B****’

The boot campers were pushed to their breaking points after they got locked out of the house for a day of camping during the Nov. 8 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’.

Dr. Ish and Dr. V tested the stars of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, during the Nov. 8 episode, by seeing how well they could work together after getting locked out of the house. Obviously, the lockout was orchestrated by the doctors, and the purpose of it was so that the campers would be forced to set up tents outside. And for anyone who’s ever put up a tent before knows that it can be extremely tedious, so if the people putting it up don’t communicate well, nothing gets accomplished. Unfortunately for the campers, they learned that the hard way, and when they were caught fighting while pitching their tents, they were blasted with geysers of water that the doctors planted throughout the backyard.

Following the tent exercise — Aaron Carter and his mom were the only ones to do it successfully — the campers were tasked with locating keys that were buried inside logs filled with snakes, worms and maggots. Yes, really. Former RHOC star Alexis Bellino and her mom were first to go, and since they initially had no idea what was inside the logs, Alexis freaked out a lot. Especially because just before the challenge, the doctors gifted everyone with anti-venom. Fortunately, no one was bit during the exercise, but the campers did argue. When Aaron went, Corey Feldman and his wife made fun of him. “Aaron acted like a little bi**h,” the Goonies star said. Then, Corey’s wife, Courtney, made fun of the teen pop star, too. “He did scream like a girl,” she joked.

After everyone had obtained their keys, the doctors asked everyone who they thought did the worst job at building their tent, and everyone, without any hesitation, said Corey and his family. His brother agreed, but Corey took offense to it, and started making a lot of statements that started with “I”. Basically, he acted like a victim and the doctors called him out for it. They accused him of being selfish and only thinking about himself. And that only angered Corey, who stormed off after the exercise. If Corey can’t swallow his pride, he and his family might not succeed at boot camp.

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