McDonalds removes Chicken Big Mac from menu today – and fans are gutted

The day has come for McDonald’s to axe one of their most popular items on the menu – the Chicken Big Mac.

Today marks the last chance for foodies to get their hands on and mouths around the burger that was only launched in February.

After the Chicken Big Mac was briefly taken off of the menu as it had sold out within only 10 days, fast food fans hoped it would be staying around for good.

But sadly, the short-lived favourite will be just a tasty memory for now.

When it was first launched, McDonald’s was swamped with fans desperate to get a taste of the burger.

And after the initial rush for the Chicken Big Mac, the fast food giant gave March 15th as its last day to be served.

Twitter users have banded together to share their love for the burger.

One person praised: “I tried a Chicken Big Mac today … 10/10 would recommend.”

Another user shared: “I did have a Chicken Big Mac. They need to be a permanent fixture.”

While a third user fretted: “The fact I’ve just seen the chicken Big Mac ends tomoz is my excuse to get in the car and get myself one.”

While many are grief-stricken by the burger's departure, others seem to be quite happy to see the back of it.

One person slammed: “No idea if I’m on my own here or who I’m gonna upset but the chicken Big Mac is just weird. Don’t agree with it at all.”

Someone else declared: “I’m sorry the Chicken Big Mac did absolutely nothing for me. Why was there hype?”

And, this person expressed: “Never switching my Maccies order up again – this Chicken Big Mac is unpalatable.”

Well good news for the Chicken Big Mac haters and bad news for those who loved the limited edition burger – as there are currently no plans for it to be introduced.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Chicken Big Mac!

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