McDonalds Uses Super Bowl Pre-Game to Unveil Celebrity Duo Meal With Cardi B, Offset

McDonald’s isn’t letting its competitors eat up all the ad time during the Super Bowl pre-game festivities.

The fast-food giant served up a new ad guest-starring Cardi B and Offset that burnishes a new meal curated by the celebrity duo, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Super Bowl pre-game is typically a place where Yum Brands’ Pizza Hut holds sway, eager to get Super Bowl viewers to order up a pie or two before kickoff starts.

The new spot features seven real-life couples talking about their loved one’s favorite McDonald’s meal. Cardi B and Offset also reveal their favorites. She goes for a classic McDonald’s cheeseburger, paired with tangy BBQ sauce and a large Coca-Cola. He digs a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. The duo shares a large order of McDonald’s fries and a hot apple pie.

“Whether it’s going for a date night or grabbing a bite after late-night studio sessions… I’m always asking Offset to take me to McDonald’s,” says Cardi B, in a prepared statement. “And now, Offset and I have a meal named after us! I want all my fans to try it — especially with that BBQ sauce.” 

The so-called “celebrity meal” — an array of items curated by a musician or artist — has lent the fast-food business a marketing boot. McDonald’s seemed to enjoy a burst of attention in 2020 when it introduced a meal from Travis Scott, which included a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, bacon, and lettuce; a medium order of fries; BBQ sauce; and a Sprite. The alliance marked the first instance since 1992, McDonald’s said at the time, that it had featured a celebrity on its menu (the previous honor belonged to Michael Jordan).

Since that time, McDonald’s has also partnered with Saweetie, BTS, J Balvin, and, for the holidays, Mariah Carey. Other restaurant chains have followed suit. Burger King teamed up with Lil Huddy and Dunkin with Charli D’Amelio. Popeye’s forged an alliance with Megan Thee Stallion, who was able to incorporate “hottie sauce” into the deal,

Fox, which is broadcasting Super Bowl LVII, has been seeking between $100,000 and $3 million for a 30-second ad during its pre-game programming, with the network charging a higher fee the close the commercial airs to kickoff.

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