Meghans podcast is engaging but her narrative appears confusing

Meghan Markle discusses her new Spotify podcast 'Archetypes'

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Meghan Markle sat down with Mindy Kaling for the third episode of her podcast Archetypes on Tuesday. The Duchess of Sussex, 41, focused on the archetype “singleton” in the latest episode. The description of the episode says: “Meghan speaks candidly with Mindy Kaling who opens up in an unprecedented conversation about the joys, challenges, and stigmas of her life as a single, unmarried woman – plus her decision to start a family on her own.

“This episode also features New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister, who unpacks the many archetypes that have followed single women for generations.”

Judi James, a professional speech analyst, spoke exclusively to about Meghan’s voice in this episode.

She said: “With her speech in Manchester last night as well as previous podcasts and now this latest one, Meghan seems to be drip-feeding us the story of her life in chapters.

“She begins this new podcast with her words and her vocal tone in pure story-telling style ‘When I was 14….’ , relating incidents and experiences using pauses, breathy emphasis and the vocal nuances of someone reading a storybook to a group of children.

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“It is as engaging as her narrative appears confusing,” the expert claimed.

What did her speech in Manchester contain?

Judi explained: “In Manchester, she told of being ‘just a girl from Suits’ and really only finding her place once her life changed in 2019, i.e. at her marriage.

“Here though she is questioning the promotion of marriage to young girls despite being the ultimate fairytale bride herself.

“She speaks of her 14 year old self having dreams and making magical memories of the dress, cake etc. for a project, which surely in most storybooks would lead into ‘and that is exactly what happened when my dreams came true with my wedding to Harry’.

“But Meghan groans about the emphasis on the desire to be married as she discusses the ‘stigma of singleton’ with her guest,” Judi opined.

How do the two women react to hearing each other’s stories in the podcast?

Judi claimed: “Meghan’s life chapter ‘reveals’ become emotional to a point where both women seem to be crying or on the verge of tears over Meghan’s younger self who was lonely and shy with no one to sit with at lunch at school.

“But her more assertive point comes over the way she was ‘othered’ when she married Harry.

“People told her she was lucky he chose her but she points out firmly that ‘I chose him too’.

“She tells us that Harry would counter this ‘she’s lucky’ narrative with the comment ‘I’m the lucky one’.

“She also speaks of ‘jealousy from the underbelly of social media’, making her past experiences sound painful and unpleasant.”

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