Men reveal what they REALLY think about makeup and beauty trends

Single men reveal what they REALLY think about makeup, fillers, Botox and lash extensions on a woman – and their answers might surprise you

  • Perth dating coach Louanne Ward asked men what they think of beauty trends
  • She wondered what’s more attractive: natural look or cosmetic enhancements
  • The vast majority said women are more beautiful without makeup
  • Most were against surgery but supported women’s right to make adjustments
  • One man said makeup is ‘okay’ but branded fillers and Botox ‘a complete turn off’

Men prefer women who wear minimal makeup and allow their natural beauty to shine through rather than enhancing it with cosmetic fillers, a dating coach has revealed.

Louanne Ward asked men for their opinions on modern beauty trends like Botox, lash extensions and semi-permanent makeup in her Facebook group, He Said She Said.

‘Following the latest trends is common for a woman (hard to keep up), but what turns more heads, natural beauty or fine-tuning with fillers and makeup?’ the Perth relationship expert posted on Sunday.

Dozens replied, with the vast majority declaring they find women more attractive without heavy cosmetics and surgical enhancement.

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Perth relationship coach Louanne Ward, who found men prefer women who wear less makeup


Which do you find more attractive?

Which do you find more attractive?

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‘I like girls wearing make up, when going out for dinner etc. but I like girls more when they are more natural – more natural the better,’ one man said.

Another agreed, saying ‘natural beauty is best’.

Most were against obvious enhancements but supported women’s right to make minor adjustments if it helps them to feel more confident.

‘Helping wrinkles to go away is fine. Just not overdone. Not a fan of expanding things,’ one man said.

But some held stronger opinions, slamming the overuse of lip fillers which create a stiff, duck-like pout.

‘In my view, makeup only works when it complements the woman’s beauty. Too much of it is a definite NO,’ one said.

‘Depends on what extent they go to, overdone is not usually a good look,’ said another.

A third added: ‘Makeup and eyelashes are okay. Lip fillers, nose jobs, cheek fillers and Botox are a complete turn off.’

Others said they were most attracted to women who feel comfortable in their own skin, made up or bare faced.

‘As long as they feel comfortable with or without it on, I’m happy for them regardless,’ said one. 

‘Too much of anything doesn’t appeal. Highlighting is preferable,’ a second added.

A third agreed, saying he likes his girlfriend either way. 

‘I love my partner when she wakes up with her natural beauty. I also love when she highlights her beautiful features when we go out with a little makeup,’ he said.  

‘If it makes her feel great and happy, then I’m happy.’

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