Miley Cyrus Admits She Made No Money From Bangerz Tour After Spending Too Much On Props

Miley Cyrus has a reported net worth of $160 million, but she didn’t earn any of it from her Bangerz tour, as the singer admits she earned nothing after spending too much on props.

In the thirtieth installment of her “Used to Be Young” series, which was unveiled on September 3rd, Miley opened up about how the 2014 tour wasn’t financially lucrative, 2014. However, she emphasized that it significantly contributed to her evolution as an artist.

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The tour featured intricate stage designs, such as a colossal face with a tongue down which Cyrus slid, massive puppets, and oversized beds. The former Disney star revealed that bringing this artistic vision to life for the tour ultimately led to financial losses.

“A lot of these ideas were kind of so outlandish,” Miley explained.

The tour, which included 80 stops, generated $70 million in ticket revenue, but ultimately wasn’t as lucrative as expected.

However, the “Hannah Montana” alum says she has no regrets about going all out with the tour, as she believes it’s what her fan base deserves “I didn’t make a dime on this tour because I wanted the tour to be excellent,” she explained. “Everyone kept saying, ‘Why are you doing this? You’re going to do like 100 shows and you’re not going to make any money.'”

“I said there’s no one I would rather invest in than myself,” Miley continued. “So, I paid for it all to make it exactly what I thought I and the fans deserved.”

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Interestingly, Miley’s recent revelation comes shortly after she admitted she’ll likely never tour again. She discuss the subject last month during her ongoing “Used To Be Young” TikTok series.

“What people don’t really understand about touring is the show is only 90 minutes, but that’s your life,” Miley revealed. “If you’re performing at a certain level of intensity and excellence, there should be an equal amount of recovery and rest.”

“There’s a level of ego that has to play a part, that I feel gets overused when I’m on tour and once that switches on, it’s hard to turn it off,” the pop star said of how touring negatively affects her mental health. “And I think when you’re training your ego every single night to be active, that’s the hardest switch for me to turn off.”

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“Having every day the relationship between you and other humans being subject and observer isn’t healthy for me, because it erases my humanity and my connection and without my humanity [and] my connection I can’t be a songwriter, which is my priority,” Miley went on.

Between how it negatively impacts her well-being and hasn’t been financially lucrative, it won’t be surprising if Miley doesn’t hit the road anytime soon.

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