Model sends DMs to men with girlfriends to see if they'll be faithful

Instagram model who offered to help women find out if their boyfriends can be trusted by sending them flirty messages is shocked to find how quick some were to pretend they’re single

  • Paige Woolen, 28, from Los Angeles, trapped cheating boyfriends on Instagram 
  • Maxim Australia model offered to check which partners would remain faithful 
  • She messaged a handful of men after their girlfriends provided her with details
  • Some men were shockingly quick to pretend they were single to score a date 

Instagram model helps women find out if their partner is cheating by sliding into their DMs – with very interesting results.

An Instagram model has offered to help women find out if their partner is cheating – and has revealed some of the responses she received from the unwitting men.

Paige Woolen, 28, from Los Angeles, California, has amassed 207,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her good looks and saucy snaps.

She also runs a separate Instagram account, (@Dudesinthedm) where she documents inappropriate and sleazy comments she receives from men.

This month, she offered to message men whose girlfriends suspected they might be prone to cheating and published the results online. 

While some men stayed true to their partner and refused her advances, other were shockingly quick to pretend they were single in hopes of scoring a date with the model.    

Paige Woolen, 28, from Los Angeles, is a model with a 207,000 strong Instagram following. She offered to privately message when with girlfriends to see if they remained faithful with their partners 

The Maxim Australia model said she was shocked to see how quick some of the men were to pretend they were single

‘I had been noticing a lot of guys that DM me on my personal account had profile photos with their girlfriends,’ Paige said. 

‘It got me wondering if their girlfriends know or care that they DM random girls with photos in their bikinis.’ 

Paige explained she wrote on her Instagram story, offering to privately message the boyfriends of women who suspected they might be likely to cheat on them. 

While her offer was met with mitigated answers – some calling her a ‘hero,’ other accusing her of ‘entrapment’ – Paige was met with enough requests to put her plan to execution.  

Paige, who sends heart racing online with sexy pictures, said she wanted to help out women who suspected their men were prone to cheat

The model offered to message her followers’ boyfriends in her Instagram story to start the ‘experiment’ 

‘I personally believe snitches get stitches, but I felt like using the power of @dudesinthedm for good and helping out my female followers,’ she explained.  

She was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the men she contacted either did not reply, or if they did, informed her they were in a relationship. 

However, a few of the men put to the test lied about their relationship status and were quick to pretend they were single in hopes of seducing the model.   

In one of her attempts, a less-than-faithful man was swiftly caught out.

Paige’s divided opinions. Some, left, said it was dishonest, calling it ‘entrapment.’ Others said she was a hero, right

The Instagram beauty said her DMs were met with varied messages. She has gained a strong following after compiling the sleazy and inappropriate messages men sent her privately 

Some of the men Paige contacted assumed she was a sexworker and greeted her with callous messages 

The model said most men either ignored her message or informed her they had girlfriends when she reached out to her 

Paige wrote: ‘Just thought you were so so cute. Was hoping to meet up if you’re single of course.’

He immediately responded with, ‘I’m single enough, do you have Snapchat?’

On another occasion, a different man couldn’t hide his delight at receiving a DM from the beautiful model.

‘You’re super cute,’ she wrote, to which he responded, ‘Me? You’re like a supermodel!’

The man, who had photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram, then claimed he didn’t have a partner, adding ‘You’re in LA? I’m there all the time for work, we should go out.’

Another man was less subtle as he told Paige he isn’t single but ‘she’s into some freaky s***. We could all have fun’. 

Other men were rude, calling Paige a ‘prostitute’ and telling her they ‘don’t want to sign up to your OnlyFans account.’

‘Single enough.’ One of the boyfriends failed the test and quickly pretended he was single and asked for Paige’s Snapchat 

Some of the men with girlfriends rudely sent Paige away, like this one, who called her a ‘knockoff Kardashian’ and said he was in a relationship

The Instagram model explained she sent a number of messages to men after their girlfriends sent her their details 

Thankfully, Paige said that most of the men in relationships she messaged did not catch her bait 

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