Model who posed with butter stick in boobs is stunned when fan pays £12k for it

An OnlyFans model has revealed that a picture she shared on Instagram sparked a unique bidding war, which ended up earning her £12,000.

Taylor LaVie is an OnlyFans model who enjoys not taking herself too seriously. The adult performer has over 1.4million followers on Instagram, and also runs a memes account where she shares silly content with fans.

The American performer also shares content on her TikTok page and has received messages from celebrities because of her looks.

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One day, while relaxing with her mum, the 24 year-old decided to share a funny snap where she posed with a stick of butter. But she couldn’t have foreseen what would happen next.

Speaking on the No Offence podcast, she said: “I was baking cookies with my mum, and I took a stick of butter and put it between my t**s… I posted it on Instagram and I was like, ‘this is how you soften the butter’ thinking it was really funny.

“Pretty soon guys were like, ‘haha I’ll give you $5 (about £4) for it.”

Taylor found this funny, so decided to post on social media advertising the butter for auction and things quickly spiralled out of control.

“The butter’s up for auction, $5, and then someone else is like, 10, 15, so this just keeps going, and I’m thinking, ‘this is hilarious’,” she laughed.

“Then pretty soon it’s like $1,000 (roughly £845) and I’m like, ‘who can beat a thousand?’ Then someone’s like, ‘$15k’ (about £12.5k).

“I ended up sending them the butter and a picture of me signed with the butter, that was the deal for $15k.”

And Taylor admitted that she was surprised when she woke up to the find the money had actually been transferred to her account.

She recalled: “I had to be like,’here’s my wire information’, I just sent it and was like, ‘let’s just see if this guy actually does it’, and then sure enough I woke up the next day and it’s like plus $15k.”

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Rather than keep all of the money to herself, Tayy decided to withdraw $3000 (about £2,500) and went on a spree in a shopping centre, handing out cash to strangers.

“That was really fun because people were quarantining and last-minute shopping and I got to be like, ‘here you go’, it was really sweet,” she added.

Tayy did, however, admit that there had been a downside to the experience, confessing that she didn’t like the new label she had earned, as she is often now referred to as “butter girl” or “butter babe”.


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