Model with Down's syndrome chosen to star in toy catalogue

Ivy Kimble is the latest star of the American Girl catalogue.

In the U.S., toy company Mattel produces the 18-inch dolls that come with various accessories and playsets and kids love flicking through the dedicated catalogue for the latest releases.

Although not available here, they are very popular with American kids.

The company has always prided itself on the diverse range of dolls available including some with hearing aids, insulin pumps, wheelchairs, service dogs and crutches.

The company has never made a doll with Down’s syndrome but the company is also trying to encourage more inclusivity in the modelling industry by featuring four-year-old Ivy in their October catalogue.

The little girl, from Chicago, appears wearing a red sparkly dress holding a doll in the same outfit.

Her mum Kristen told ABC7 that it is one step towards better representation overall.

She said: ‘I have four girls and to have one of them in the [American Girl] catalogue is every mother’s dream.

‘But especially having a child with Down syndrome, there’s not a lot of print or media with a lot of kids with Down syndrome. So it’s a big deal for her. I mean, she’s a cute little girl and she has Down syndrome and she’s in the catalogue. We’re proud.

For us, we want to keep seeing kids of all abilities out there in print.

‘And I love that these companies are trying to make the conscious effort to continue to put them in print. My hope is that … it stops being a conscious effort and it just becomes natural. They’re just seen everywhere.’

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