Mum gets £160 worth of Christmas presents for her daughter for just £56 – The Sun

A THRIFTY mum has managed to bag up to £160 worth of Christmas presents for her daughter for just £56.

Stephanie Liddell from Glasgow picked up the bargains from brands including Laugh & Learn, Chad Valley and Disney.

The nursery practitioner, who's currently on maternity leave, began prepping for her first Christmas with her five-month-old daughter back in August.

"My original budget was £100 for presents," Stephanie told The Sun, "but after getting all of the bargains, I only ended up spending just over half of that".

The savvy saver posted a photo of her haul on the Latest Deals Facebook page, which included a pop-up tent, ball pit, DVDs, headbands and pram toys.

She wrote: "My little girl will be seven months at Christmas time, and I wanted to get her a few bits that she can use up until she turns one so that her toys are able to provide stimulation for her as she grows, to help her physical, sensory and brain development."

The 26-year-old reckons her best buy was the My Little Pony pop up tent which retailed on Wayfair at £27.99 but she bought for £5 from

She also purchased a unicorn sit-me-up donut for £4 on the same site, even though the it cost £16.99 elsewhere.

Stephanie used online discount codes to get most of her deals, which she found on Google or by asking friends and family if they have a student discount code.

Most of the presents were bought from high street stores such as Asda, Argos and Smyths, but there were a few retailers that she'd never head of before.

"Just make sure you check them and make sure they’re secure before entering any details," she added.

She also signed up to retailers' newsletter that would alert her to any upcoming sales, keeping an eye out for baby events and toy sales in particular.

Sharing deals with fellow bargain hunters on money saving Facebook groups also helped her to save cash.

She also downloaded the B&M scanner app so she could find extra discounts at the store.

"I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter," Stephanie explained, "I look for bargains everywhere, on the food shop and online.

"I always search the sale section first as there’s always a hidden gem hiding in amongst the rest.

"That and filtering sections low to high and asking google for sample codes is a must."

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