Mum ‘told to change doubly incontinent son’s nappy on McDonald’s toilet floor’

A mum was left stunned after she claims a McDonald's worker told her to change her doubly incontinent son's nappy on a toilet floor, because the baby changing facilities were closed.

Beth Hughes, 28, said the facility was out of order at the branch in Boothferry Road, Hull, when she went to change her six-year-old son Morgan yesterday afternoon.

Miss Hughes claims when she told staff she needed to change her son, who also has autism, the staff member was "rude" and suggested she changed her son on the floor of the toilets.

When she told the staff member it was unhygienic to do that, she claims the woman told her "well that's your problem, not ours".

But a spokeswoman for McDonald's said it was never suggested the floor be used.

Miss Hughes, from Hull, said: "My six-year-old son is doubly incontinent and I needed to change his nappy whilst I was in McDonald's with him and my ex-partner and four-year-old son.

"It was a nightmare to find any staff for a key to get in to the baby change facilities and disabled toilet and when I eventually did, I got told that they were not accessible as the key wasn't working.

"She told me to just lay my son across my knee to change him as she must have thought he was a baby, but when I told her that he was six so I couldn't do that, she then suggested that I lay him down and change him on the toilet floor.

"I then told her that I wouldn't be doing that as it's really unhygienic and she said to me 'well that's your problem, not ours', which made me feel really upset and I wasn't happy about it at all.

"I had to take Morgan home to change him and it was lucky that his nappy is quite padded and that he hadn't done a bowel movement, as then I would have needed to change him straight away.

"I couldn't believe the bad attitude that the staff member had towards the situation – there was absolutely no compassion at all. It made me think as well that it was lucky we could go home to change Morgan, but if there was someone in the McDonald's in a wheelchair that needed to use the disabled toilet, they'd be stuck as they wouldn't be able to get in."

A spokeswoman for McDonald's said: “We aim to provide a positive experience for all of our customers, and their safety is our absolute priority. Unfortunately, the disabled toilet in this restaurant is currently temporarily out of operation due to a fault and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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