My husband may have retired from work but he refuses to do anything at home – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: DESPITE having retired from work, my husband leaves everything at home to me.

He refuses to deal with money matters, arrange holidays or even visit family. It is all down to me.

He has always been a bit like this for a while but, now he has reached 65, does nothing at all.

There are repairs needing doing. I have a beautiful painting my late brother did for me waiting to go on the wall.

The house needs decorating, the garden needs attention. If I ask him to do anything, he makes such a fuss that I tell him not to bother. But I am fed up with being made to look like the nagging wife.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Maybe he just feels lost without his paid job, so show sympathy about that but be firm about what needs doing at home and stop worrying about looking in the wrong.

Make a list of jobs each of you will do. Seeing you get on with things could give him a jolt.

His share should include some jobs which will leave him uncomfortable if he defaults, such as cooking meals and washing his clothes.

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