My Made In Chelsea co-stars tried placenta gummies after I gave birth – they were all up for it!

Made in Chelsea star Tiffany Watson introduced her baby boy to her co-stars during his TV debut and revealed that they "were all up" for trying her placenta gummies.

Tiffany, also known as Tiff, 29 welcomed her first child, a baby boy called Jude, with her footballer husband Cameron McGeehan on 21 June, 2023. Before becoming a full-time mum, Tiff was a regular on the hit Channel 4 reality TV series having joined MIC in 2014 alongside her older sister Lucy Watson and the likes of Spencer Matthews and Jamie Laing.

The new mum has since taken a step back from filming but has continued to make a few rare appearances on the latest series of MIC, which started earlier this month. Tiff's first scene since giving birth aired during episode two, as baby Jude made his TV debut at four weeks old when he met co-stars and his mum's close pals Olivia Bentley, Ruby Adler and Emily Blackwell while at her newly renovated London home.

Speaking exclusively to OK! Tiff went on to reveal that her three co-star pals were more than up for trying her placenta which had been made into gummy sweets. The 29 year old said: "I offered them all one, I said 'Would you like a sweet' when they came over to my house.

"I then said it was my placenta and they were like 'oh my god'.

"It was actually filmed for Made in Chelsea but it didn't get shown in the end, which is a shame. But they all tried one, I thought they would be like 'Absolutely no way' but they were all up for it".

She added: "I'll have to repay the favour one day."

Tiff went on to add: "I liked them, I would do that again. I got my placenta made into sweets, into a face and body cream, so I used those in the first few weeks, it's meant to help in avoiding getting postpartum, so I'm glad I did that.

"But they've now all gone which is a bit sad."

Talking about returning to MIC just a few weeks after giving birth, Tiff exclusively told OK!: "He was only like four weeks old when we filmed that scene, it was scary as I was still a very nervous mum.

"But the camera crew were very accommodating and we did it at my house which made it a lot easier because I didn't have to go anyway and they said 'If you have to take breaks then let us know', they were all really chilled about it.

"It was lovely and nice for the girls to meet him on camera, it was such a special moment".

Tiff went on to joke: " I can't wait to embarrass him with it when he's older."

The MIC star went on to reveal that she of course, couldn't join the cast in Sydney as they are currently filming for a Down Under spin-off series but said "I'm dipping in here and there, I appear a few more times on the series that's showing at the moment and they're very flexible with me, so if it works it works.

"I love it, it's fun and I've still got a lot of close friends who are still on it."

The mum of one added that she'd love her own TV series and even thought about a MIC grown-up addition. Tiff told us: "I would love my own TV show, me and Lucy also thought it would be so fun if we did one as first-time mums together.

"Or we always say that they should do a grown-up comeback, kind of thing and how your life moved on from what it used to be.

"People who watched it back in the day when they saw everyone single and now to see them in a similar stage to them, I think it would be cool."

In addition to MIC, Tiff has recently taken on a new venture with Mama Bamboo, an award-winning eco-disposable nappy and wipe brand, as their Head of Accessories Design. Talking about her new role Tiff said: "They've got very similar ethos to me, they're really into like the natural products and sustainability. Being kind to the planet and soft on the baby's skin, everything about that I loved so it was such an exciting opportunity that came my way.

"I love the products for him, so it's amazing to be involved in expanding their range."

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