Nanny, 25, says fiancé, 56, ‘is not a sugar daddy’ despite 31-year age gap

A 25-year-old nanny is hitting back at critics who suggest she's with her 56-year-old fiancé purely because of his money.

Vianca, who works as a full-time nanny for disabled children, has been engaged to Antonio since 2014.

The pair enjoyed a whirlwind romance after their first date, which took place shortly after them meeting through a mutual friend.

They're now planning their wedding with the couple planning to say 'I do' in Puerto Rico next year, and hope to start a family soon.

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Faced with naysayers who claim she's after Antonio's money, Vianca insists her intentions of marrying 'Tony' are pure.

"First and foremost Tony's not a millionaire, he likes good things and yes he does like to spoil me. And I do ask for it," she said.

Antonio, who works as a general contractor at a firm, often spoils his fiancé with designer goods and lavish international vacations.

But the 25-year-old, from Connecticut in Derby, insists that this is not the defining factor of their relationship.

"I never grew up knowing that material things aren't it, and when I met Tony he was honest and told me he wasn't rich," she claims.

"I don't need his money at all. What I'm interested in is him and getting to know him."

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The lovebirds met through a mutual friend in March 2014 and had their first date a month later.

It was Antonio's voice that captivated her, Vianca says, when she overheard her friend speaking to him on the phone.

The 25-year-old begged her friend to introduce her to Antonio in March 2014 and two had their first date in April.

Antonio, who has three children from a previous relationship, had just split up from his ex at the time and wasn’t looking to date until he chanced upon Vianca.

"When I saw him, it was definitely love at first sight," Vianca gushed.

Their "intense chemistry" quickly morphed into a full-blown romance, with the couple spending nearly every day with each other.

Four weeks later, Tony proposed to Vianca on a restaurant date, and she happily accepted.

From Vianca's perspective, money isn't everything – she often eschews designer goods to shop at Walmart.

She's adamant that their love is real – not a sugar baby arrangement.

"I am no sugar baby. But like I said, Tony does buy good things."

Despite the challenges that come with an age-gap relationship, she says dating an older, more mature person has opened her eyes to new things and provides a sense of security and protection she never had.

They stress that age is just a number and insist that love and connection are the keys to a successful relationship.

"We want people to understand that age is nothing but another," explained Vianca.

"If it's destined to be with someone young and there's a love connection it shouldn't have to matter, it's your heart."

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