New app offers exciting freebies – from pedicures to pilates classes

The 'Be Kind' message has never been more important.

Given the events of the past 17 months, we all know that kindness doesn't cost a thing.

In fact, carrying out random acts of kindness has never been easier thanks to a brand new app.

Favours is on a mission to improve communities and better society as a whole by encouraging people to swap skills – all for free.

Users can download the app then simply sign-up, state their skills and other ‘Favours’ they’d be able to do for those locally or online.

All they need to do next is wait for requests to start dropping in.

This means if you’re a whizz at nail art, you could offer to paint a bride’s nails before her big day.

Or if you're the don at mowing lawns, your elderly neighbour might need you.

Literally anyone can offer their skills for free, depending on their occupation, skills, or even hobbies.

Alternatively, people can share favours such as shopping, cleaning or phoning someone who may need a little company.

Studies support that acts of kindness are linked to increased feelings of wellbeing as they reduce loneliness and enrich our social interactions.

They are also known to promote physiological changes in the brain, which can impact not only happiness, but mental health and physical health too.

Speaking about the new app, founder Jade Tejani said: "The app is a tool to connect people to do favours. We already do this daily for our friends and family, so why not extend out to the world?"

Favours is free to download and available in both the App Store and Play Store for iPhones and Androids.

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