NHS doctor urges people not to follow TikTok Plan B pregnancy test trend

There are many kinds of viral TikTok videos – some of them silly, funny or emotional, others clever and educational.

However, as with any social media there are downsides to TikTok. With several videos from the platform circulating the internet, there can be some which contain plenty of misinformation. This can be dangerous if that particular trend goes viral.

One such dangerous and misinformed trend which went viral showed pregnancy tests being used in a way they shouldn't. Now doctors have warned against the trend.

What is the TikTok pregnancy test trend?

A TikTok video of a person breaking open a pregnancy test to reveal a 'pill' inside went viral on the platform.

The person who originally posted the video added a caption: "Plan B inside pregnancy test" with a shocked emoji, indicating that there was an emergency contraceptive pill stashed inside the plastic test.

However, this is completely untrue. NHS Dr Karan Rajan, debunked the idea of a "plan B pill" inside the pregnancy test with his own TikTok video.

Why the TikTok pregnancy test trend is dangerous

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NHS doctor and social media educator Dr Karan Rajan has said people taking pregnancy tests or those trying to avoid getting pregnant should 'not eat the tablets' you find inside.

He explained that these so-called "pills" that are found inside the pregnancy tests are not plan B or emergency contraceptive pills.

He said: "No. Do not eat the tablets you find inside a pregnancy test. They are a desiccant tablet used to absorb and hold moisture to extend a shelf life of a pregnancy test similar to the little silica packets you find in shoes and bags."

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He also warned that these pills are toxic for human consumption. They will not only not prevent a pregnancy, but could be dangerous and if you've eaten them, he urged people to go see a doctor.

The video from the doctor, titled 'don't do this' gained nearly one million views, thousand comments and over 100k replies.

Replying to the video, one person commented: "I thought that was obvious," with another echoing that it seemed like common sense not to consume these pills.

One more person joked: "These people are the reason why there’s instructions on a pop tart box."

If you're unsure on how to use a pregnancy test, make sure you follow the instructions on the packet or provided leaflet, instead of relying on information online.

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