Nurse: What I never let my kids do so they don't end up in hospital

Nurse lists the six things she’ll NEVER never let her children do after working in a paediatric ER – from pushing on glass doors to playing near a mower

  • A paediatric nurse has revealed the things she would never let her kids do
  • Cynlyn works as a nurse in a paediatric operating theatre in Pennsylvania
  • In a TikTok she said she wouldn’t allow her son near a lawnmower in use
  • She’s banned her four-year-old from playing with toys that have button batteries 
  • Cynlyn said she prevents her son from pushing glass doors and  riding dirt bikes

A paediatric nurse has shared the things she would never let her kids do – from playing near lawnmowers to having fun with toys are powered by button batteries. 

Cynlyn, from Pennsylvania, said during her time working in hospitals she has operated on children with severe injuries that have resulted from activities including riding dirt bikes and seemingly innocent acts such as pushing on a glass door. 

The nurse, who has a four-year-old son, posted a video to TikTok revealing the things she doesn’t let her son do which has earned more than a million views. 

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Mum-of-one Cynlyn has revealed the things she would never let her son do due to her experience as a nurse in a paediatric operating theatre

Cynlyn said she has operated on children with severe injuries that have resulted from seemingly innocent things like playing around lawnmowers or pushing on a glass door

As she danced in the operating theatre, Cynlyn said she would never allow her child near a lawnmower or in the yard while someone is cutting the grass as she’s seen ‘limbs cut off’ from the blades and flying objects. 

She also said she would prevent her son from pushing on glass doors as they could potentially shatter or play with toys powered by button batteries. 

‘I’ve seen small motorised toys that have button batteries or the most common one is a laser pointer,’ Cynlyn said.

‘It’s a small silver coin like battery used in watches, hearing aids, etc. They are super easy to swallow and if a child ingests one, its very dangerous.’ 

Cynlyn also said children should not drive all-terrain vehicles or dirt bikes, ride bikes without helmets and travel in cars without wearing a seatbelt. 

The video drew in hundreds of comments from concerned parents sharing the things they don’t let their kids do while others were thankful for the advice. 

‘As a peds inpatient trauma registered nurse, I concur. And add touch strangers dogs or play with dogs unattended. Period,’ one mum said. 

‘We learned the button battery lesson the hard way. One month in the hospital but lucky to have our baby boy still with us,’ a second shared. 

‘Everyone thinks I’m crazy for keeping my kids inside during mowing, but if you run over a nail that thing would do serious damage if it came flying,’ a third wrote.

‘I’ve seen limbs cut off because of lawnmowers. it’s not worth it!’ Cynlyn replied. 

Cynlyn’s clip video drew in 1.3million views and hundreds of comments from concerned parents thankful for the savvy advice

Just a few of my experiences working in pediatric healthcare. #ReTokforNature #toddlersoftiktok #healthcare #toddlersafety

‘I’m showing this to my older elementary son to support the cause. We have a kid zipping around on a dirt bike. Thank you!,’ another said. 

‘I’ve seen too many dirt bikes and ATVs flip over onto kids and do a lot of damage,’ Cynlyn responded. 

Some criticised Cynlyn as a ‘kooky helicopter parent’ but the experienced nurse insisted she was ‘just trying to educate people on child safety’. 

In a follow-up video, the medic mum revealed some things parents should be cautious of coming from her experiences in the paediatric operating room. 

She said to keep a close eye on children while they’re jumping on trampolines or playing around strange or unfamiliar dogs, and dogs who have food or toys.

Cynlyn said to closely supervise children playing around coins and small magnets, power tools and table saws and to never leave kids alone in the bath.

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