October 24 – On this day: 101 years ago Andrew Bonar Law became the new PM

Bonar Law started work in the iron industry at 16 and became wealthy by 30.

He was the shortest-serving PM of the 20th century, serving for only 211 days before being forced to retire due to illness.

78 years ago (1945)

The UN was inaugurated in a ceremony at the US State Department in Washington DC.

The UN Charter was signed by 50 nations and it promised to uphold human rights and to maintain international peace and security.

The term United Nations was first coined by US President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1942.

37 years ago (1986)

The UK cut diplomatic ties with Syria after the country was linked to the attempted bombing of an El Al flight
at Heathrow.

Jordanian citizen Nezar Hindawi was jailed for 45 years after planning to use his pregnant girlfriend as a human bomb.

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