Only people with sharp vision can spot all five golf balls in optical illusion

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    An optical illusion can certainly play tricks on your vision.

    Brainteasers teach us how our eyes and brain need to work together to see.

    But while they're tricky to understand at times, puzzles are great for observational skills and so much more.

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    Now the gaming experts at ICE36 created a mind-boggling brainteaser to really keep you on your toes.

    Previously, the gurus shared a puzzle where only 13% of adults can spot the heart poker chips within 10 seconds.

    And the latest challenge is so much more than that as it asks players to spot all five golf balls in half a minute.

    Are you up for the task?

    For starters, only six in 10 (60%) of Brits can solve it within the 30 second time period.

    Can you be part of that statistic? Make sure you let us know how you get on in the comments section below!

    In the image, it shows basketballs, magic 8 balls, baseballs and footballs too.

    But your task is to find the golf balls which are lingering somewhere in the photo.

    Don't worry if you're really struggling, it can be hard to find all five hidden beneath the others.

    Scroll down for the answer…

    Start by scanning the left side of the image where you'll find two, then the others on the other side.

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    Previously, we had an optical illusion with an odd word hiding somewhere as only people with "sharp eyes" can spot it.

    In the illusion, people are challenged to find the word "Retro" hidden in the sea of words spelt as "Petro".

    The beauty of this is that you could have the eyes of a hawk if you manage it in time!

    Brainteasers like this one can boost your cognitive abilities and concentration.

    In fact, daily practice of puzzles can significantly influence your brain health and even boost your self-esteem.

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