People are only just realising how to use a cheese grater properly

People are only just realising they have been using a cheese grater wrong all this time.

Despite being a popular utensil in the kitchen cupboard of dairy lovers, the method often used to grate will put them all to shame.

Most stand the metal device up with the handle at the top.

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But, apparently that is not the way to do it.

And people can't quite believe the handy trick has gone viral on social media.

In the video which was originally posted onto Instagram – then onto Twitter – the hackster laid the grater on its side.

Scandalous, right?

Well, it saves a lot of hassle…

By putting the grater on its side and grating the cheese above, it enables the inside of the grater to catch the goodness.

That means you'll save on the washing up!

"I cannot believe I did this wrong for decades," Twitter account Today Years Old admitted.

Equally stunned at the cheese grating hack, many people fled to the comments to share their shock.

One person gasped: "Never thought of this."

Another user added: "I feel like I don't know how to do anything anymore.

"Am I even breathing right?"

While a third voiced: "This one blew me away."

Someone else declared: "At the age of 33, I learned I've been doing it wrong my whole life."

Meanwhile, a fifth expressed: "This is the s*** they need to teach in schools."

And this user said: "Again… I’ve been doing life wrong the whole time!!"

However, grating cheese was not the only thing to flabbergast Twitter users.

Previously, a woman revealed her sister had been using the KFC lemon wipes wrong all this time.

She thought the scented cloths were for seasoning the chicken – and not for wiping your hands.

Some couldn't believe it whereas others admitted to squeezing the cleaning wipes onto their food too.


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