People reveal VERY toe-curling text exchanges

Love IS dead! Hilarious Instagram account shares toe-curling texts about dating – from questionable chat-up lines to a VERY funny case of mistaken identity

  • Instagram’s Texts From Last Night compiled awkward dating text exchanges
  • More than 607,000 people follow the page to see the toe-curling text exchanges 
  • When asked why they swiped right, one admitted it was only due to ‘desperation’

While relationships can be tough at the best of times, the coronavirus lockdown only made things ten times harder by forcing people to communicate over text.

A collection of some of the most awkward examples of people oversharing in a bid to keep their romance alive has been shared by Instagram account @TFLN.

Amongst the amusing exchanges, shared by people from across the globe, includes one person who admitted they swiped right due to ‘desperation,’ and an overprotective wife who mistook a kebab delivery driver for her husband’s possible love interest.

Elsewhere, a further admitted that they once ‘high-fived’ their love interest after having ‘good sex’.

This man, from an unknown location, had to ask his friend to remind her mother that he was gay and so wouldn’t be marrying her

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Another, from an unknown location, tried to flirt by making a joke about marriage – but unfortunately it went straight over the recipient’s head

When asked why she was on a dating app, one girl, from an unknown location, offered a very brutally honest response

This person, from an unknown location, revealed the ‘worst’ dm they’ve ever received, which featured someone pretending a dog has wandered into their messages

A singleton, from an unknown location, explained the harsh reason they liked someone’s old photo from 2017

Another person, from an unknown location, explained why they are now sofa surfing – after their girlfriend and friend with benefits found out about each other

Another person, from an unknown location, failed at romance when they admitted to eating the last quesadilla their lover was saving in the fridge

While discussing what to wear for a fancy dress party ,one person from an unknown location, suggested their love interest go as a ‘homewrecker’

Texts From Last Night shares exchanges between people who often overshare intimate details – including one, from an unknown location, who admitted ‘high-fiving’ the person they just had sex with 

One overprotective wife, from the US, mistook a kebab delivery driver for someone else in this frank text exchange

Another person, from an unknown location, explained the awkward moment they were caught talking to a sock while doing laundry

In this exchange, one person, from an unknown location, tried to explain why they were getting back together with their ex-partner. However, she received a very awkward response

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