People with sharp eyes can spot number 218 among 278s in optical illusion

Optical illusions can be quite mind-boggling to understand at times.

But the beauty of illusions is that some are a great way to test your IQ level.

So if you're eager to know how much patience you have, see how long it takes you to solve this illusion.

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The latest brainteaser has left people scratching their heads as they're trying to find the number 218 among the 278s.

You'll have to complete it in 15 seconds…

Don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below!

Although it might seem straightforward at first, it gets more difficult as you try to find the special number.

Since you've got 15 seconds to crack the case, you'll find it's not actually that easy to solve.

But if you're struggling, start by scanning each row individually.

Scroll down for the answer…

Make sure you focus on the middle number of the three digits as that'll give the answer fairly quickly.

To find the answer, look towards the lower half of the screen to try and limit your options.

So did you find the number in time? If not, it's located on the second row from the bottom.

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Looking for more optical illusions?

Previously, an optical illusion challenged people to find the 13 animals in 19 seconds.

In the image, people must use their intellect to find all the animals hidden in the picture.

The creativity-based thinking puzzle is good once solved as it helps with problem-solving.

On another occasion, an optical illusion with two odd dice baffled people as only smart players can spot it.

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