Postpartum Depression, Illegal Fights, Teens in Crisis Among Subjects in Upcoming Swiss Films

Swiss Films previewed four films to industry guests at a special event hosted by Locarno Pro, the industry section of Locarno Film Festival, showcasing generational range and genre diversity. The selection included the new film by Carmen Jaquier, the director of “Thunder,” which was announced this week as the Swiss entry in the international feature film category of the Academy Awards.

Talking to Variety, Jaquier said: “I’m very honored about this news and excited to imagine how to work on the Oscar campaign for ‘Thunder.’ Then I’m also thrilled to prepare the release of the next project “Les Paradis des Diane” with my co-director Jan Gassmann. We are looking forward to having some interesting and maybe controversial discussions about the movie.”

Showing yet another genre, Nadège de Benoit Luthy’s “Life-Size Pauline” is a romantic comedy about a successful woman, whose life is disrupted by her mother’s decision to move away to write poetry. The eponymous Pauline – played by Dèborah François – is a landscape gardener who must handle a new important project while coming to terms with large changes in her life.

A more somber tone is set by Katlin Gödrös’ new film, a period drama set in the 19th century and making full use of the gorgeous Alpine scenery. It tells the story of a highly gifted maid who is forced into a marriage with a stable boy who dreams of owning his own horse. Provisionally titled “Jacob’s Horse,” the film is almost complete and is looking for a festival venue for its world premiere.

Finally, the youngest of the participants, 25-year-old Nicolas Dozol presented his own film “Last Party,” a coming-of-age story. During a graduation party, four teenagers in the midst of an existential crisis are confronted with their angst. When they find themselves locked up, they wonder if it might be their last night.

Trained as a dancer, Dozol told Variety that he used a series of faked long takes partly for budgetary reasons and partly to choreograph the action like a dance. Dozol also said that he saw his future working in genre cinema, citing Blumhouse as a particular inspiration.

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