Preparation for Tummy Tuck Surgery

The preparation process for Tummy Tuck surgery starts with the decision of surgery. If the person cannot have the desired abdominal appearance through familiar means such as sports and diet, they should apply for tummy tuck surgery. If he decides, he / she chooses the hospital that is most comfortable with, determines his doctor, and with a mutual consultation with the doctor, the suitability for the operation is decided. After the surgery is decided, the preparation process for the tummy tuck surgery begins.

There are certain important points to be considered in preparation for tummy tuck surgery. First, two weeks before the surgery, if the patient is smoking, he should stop smoking. The same rule applies to the two weeks after surgery. The patient should pay more attention to his / her diet than usual. Strict diets and foods known to be harmful are not recommended to the patient prior to surgery. Strict diet practices also complicate the patient’s recovery process. Another issue to be considered in preparation for tummy tuck surgery is that the patient should avoid the sun, especially the abdominal area, shortly before the operation. Another point to be considered is that the patient avoids microbial and infectious diseases such as flu and cold. Because when such a situation is encountered, the date of surgery may need to be postponed. Before you undergo surgery, it will be helpful for you to find a companion to accompany you during the operation and a few days of recovery.

Before undergoing surgery, the patient should know that this is not an easy operation. Like any surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia, tummy tuck surgery has some risks and complications. The patient should try to make this process easier for himself and his doctor. For this, before entering the process, a successful preliminary study should be done to prepare for abdominoplasty. It should not be forgotten that no matter how good the plastic surgeon is, if the patient-doctor relationship fails, and most importantly, if the patient does not help the doctor sufficiently, the process becomes difficult for both parties. First of all, since the patient himself will not want to get negative results, he should be prepared successfully for abdominoplasty surgery, and for this, it will be enough to take the simple precautions we mentioned.

Effects of the Pregnancy Process on the Abdominal Region

The pregnancy process is a period when expectant mothers start to gain weight with the formation of the baby. As a result of the change in hormonal balances and centers of gravity in the body, expectant mothers start to feel uncomfortable with the change in their bodies. One of the primary problems is the change in the eating pattern, the other is the body starts to retain water, that is, edema. The continuous weight gain of the expectant mother for nine months is not only due to the growth of the baby. This is why the woman cannot return her entire weight as soon as the birth takes place.

Stretching of the skin with the growth of the abdomen during pregnancy shows itself as cracks and sagging after birth. This is a natural part of the process. Especially in women who give birth by cesarean, a more problematic abdominal area remains. Many of the anti-crack cosmetic or dermo-cosmetic products used during pregnancy do not show a positive effect. In order to eliminate these negative effects, tummy tuck surgeries can be shown as an option to young women who do not think of getting pregnant again. Some women who give birth by cesarean section also have fat removal procedure during the birth surgery.

However, this is not a method for removing deformations in the abdominal skin. The reason for its construction and its effect on the image are completely different. Therefore, tummy tuck surgery after pregnancy brings the person closer to the desired result.

As a result, although the expectant mother behaves carefully during the pregnancy process, they are exposed to fat in the abdominal and hip regions, which are resistant to cracks and sagging, with the change of metabolism. As a solution to this, it has been proven that the rumors about continuing to eat to make milk after birth are wrong. Two factors that increase the quality and quantity of milk are sleep and abundant water consumption.

If the person who has gotten rid of his excess weight is still complaining about his aesthetic appearance afterwards, tummy tuck surgery may come up as an option that will give a successful result.

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