Primark worker spills 10 employee secrets – including how staff flirt on shift

Primark is one of the biggest fashion retailers which operates in Europe and the United States.

The fashion giant is pretty much located on most high streets and shopping centres to cater for every person's clothing needs.

And while it’s a great place to shop, it’s also a very popular for workers, attracting around 78,000 employees last year.

So what’s it really like working in Primark?

Here Daily Star Online caught up with an ex-employee who was based in one of the busiest branches in London.

From McDonald’s discount perks to flirting among staff members, the former Primark worker detailed 10 employee secrets.

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1. We deal with thieves almost every single day

Nearly every single day someone tries to steal something or do something sneaky in stores.

When I was scanning some trousers once, I felt a bulge in the leg and found like six pairs of underwear.

2. Stop asking us to double the bag

We don’t like it when you ask us to double the bag at the end of the shop.

Most of the time when we try to put the bag in the other bag, it rips the bag and we end up wasting it.

3. Rude customers – we’re probably going to talk about you later

Whenever there’s a rude customer, we always talk about them.

It’s something weird but the people you work with really stick with you when there’s a rude customer like a family.

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4. If you’re hot – we’re probably going to talk about you too

In addition to rude customers, if you’re good looking, we will talk about you as well.

5. It’s a flirting work atmosphere

Every retail assistant flirts with every other retail assistant.

Sometimes it feels like we are either doing nothing or just flirting with each other.

6. How do they know my name?

I find it a bit weird when people say your name from the name tag (which we have to wear).

You just get a little startled and just wonder how they know your name.

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7. The shop floor is like a maze

When I go out on the shop floor, I’m totally confused about where everything is.

So when someone asks me where a certain type of item is, I genuinely don’t know and I’m probably going to point to the area in which it used to be placed last week.

8. When customers show you a picture of an item

You get people that come up to you and say “oh have you seen this?” and will show you a picture.

The picture is of a top from Primark yes, but it’s on eBay and if it’s on eBay, it’s long gone.

9. Why do customers ask persistently about a size?

When customers ask if there is a different size of this top or jumper, the response I’ll give is “everything we have is already sold out”.

This is true 99% of the time, but when you persistently ask for me to go to the stock room, I will deep down inside, start to cry.

10. McD’s for lunch anyone?

We also get McDonald’s vouchers that are hidden somewhere around the store.

I’ve seen like a good stack of them under the tills. I took many.

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