Productivity Methods to Try This Year

If there is something we need to learn from last year is to be productive. The pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and if you didn’t work hard and smart before, things become difficult. That is financial, mentally, and even health-wise.

However, 2021 is still fresh, and you have a chance to make changes in your life. Though there are personal changes you need to make, we are going to talk about work ethic. This means you can be able to perform to your level best and obtain the needed result. That’s, besides making a lot of income in the process. Below we will look at the great productivity methods to incorporate in your schedule to have a new work rhythm.

What is a new work rhythm?

Work rhythm refers to how you manage your time in the office. If you have a good work rhythm, you will develop a healthy working schedule, and you can balance everything else in your life. This makes it easier for you to handle the task at hand without feeling overburden.

However, not everyone has the same tempo when it comes to working. Some are very active at night, while others prefer working early in the morning. Some like to procrastinate things that render them unproductive. For this reason, you need to find out which method works best for you to guarantee productivity.

Productivity methods to try for a new, more productive you.

In this section, we will discuss some of the best rhythm techniques you can opt for. If you incorporate any of your daily schedule methods, be guaranteed, you shall become productive this year.

1. Pomodoro Technique

It’s one of the best tools which Francesco Cirillo developed. According to the management tool, you will handle only one task for 25 minutes before taking a break. The break should be short of ensuring you maintain the same level of productivity. Here is a breakdown of how it works

  • Select a task you need to accomplish and then set a timer for 25 minutes(Pomodoro).
  • Once you have ensured the timer is et work on the job at hand until the timer rings. Immediately the time rings, take a note pad and check the period covered. Then take 5 minutes to break before resuming another session.
  • The sessions should be done at a maximum of four Pomodoro before taking a 30-minutes break.

It’s vital to note the Pomodoro technique requires your undivided attention for 25 minutes. That means you should leave your desk until the task is completed. The breaks allocated in between helps your mind to relax and breathe. In comparison, the 30-minute brake helps you with processing new information and ideas. This makes your work perfect and of high quality. Hence, respect the breaks allocated in-between and at the end of the session.

Nonetheless, this is a poor technique for one who takes longer to warm up. And once they have picked a work rhythm, the breaks will interfere with their momentum. Hence we suggest using other production methods.

2. 5217

When it comes to this method, you will need 52- minutes to focus on one particular task. Once the time limit lapses, you are allowed to take a 17- minute break to relax and refresh your mind.   According to statics, those who work for 52 minutes with the breaks in between are more productive than those who work for eight hours straight.

Their work is of high quality and compared to their counterpart’s work drawn in work. On the other hand, bosses tend to watch over their employees like a hawk. The staff tend to be unproductive.

An employee needs time to relax and refresh their mind. They could choose to go through their phones during this period, maybe see what is trending on Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp. Once their break is finished, they can get back to work and still maintain the needed productivity level. Though, one has to place their phones on Flight mode or No Disturb Mode to avoid distraction when the next session begins.

3. Habitica

It’s an App that makes your work rhythm more enjoyable and pleasant. The app treats your real life like a game. This, in turn, helps you achieve goals on time. The app takes the form of a role-playing game, and once you accomplish your tasks, you gain experience and in-game currency.

You will need to create an account with Habitica and customize your character according to your needs. Once you have created your avatar, the character account shall be divided into four columns. The columns include:

  • Dailies: it is a column where you note down the activities you want to undertake daily. If you fail to accomplish the task, you will lose your health.
  • To-do’s: these are activities you need to do though they are not on a thigh schedule. That means you can do it in your own free time and won’t lose any life.
  • Rewards: there are tokens you give your avatar after accomplishing a task. However, the same can be reflected in real life, where you award yourself after completing a job or task. You could choose to buy yourself a new set of clothes, among other things.
  • Habits: the charter can have good or bad habits.  Good habits reward one with experience, while bad habits decrease your health points. The more difficult the habits are, the more points you earn.

The best thing about the app is you can form a party with your friends. This helps you to accomplish your task and be accountable at the same time. However, it takes a while to learn how the game works.

4. Getting things done

This method is based on a book by David Allen, “The Getting Things Done” (GTD) works in a simple way. The method suggests writing down all the task you need to accomplish. This, in turn, helps in clearing your minds and focus.

Once all the things have been listed down, begin to complete one task after the other. Though this seems to be a simple process, there are criteria to follow.

  • Listing all the tasks that need to be accomplished
  • Selecting the tasks you need to finish first.
  • Organizing the tasks and then reflecting on them
  • Engaging in the tasks and finishing one after the other


Being productive is a way of feeling fulfilled, which in turn makes you happy. Therefore, if you are having troubles concentrating on work, considering most people are working from home. The productivity methods shall keep you in shape.

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