Seattle Man With Parkinson's Reunited With His Stolen Bulldog Weeks After Dog's Disappearance

A 68-year-old Seattle man reunited with his bulldog, weeks after he watched thieves steal his pet as he went out for a walk with his stepdaughter.

Albert Boogaard went to go for a stroll in mid-August with his stepdaughter, Andrea Naylor, when a man and two women in a white car drove by and stole his bulldog, Quavo, he told Q13 Fox, adding that the dog used to belong to his wife, who recently died.

“The guy got out of the car, come over grabbed me in a bear hug from behind, I turned around and punched him a couple times right behind the ear,” Boogaard said.

“I’m not strong like I used to be so they shoved me to the ground and grabbed my dog and took him,” Boogaard, who has Parkinson’s disease, explained.

While Quavo was missing, Boogaard and Naylor asked the public for help, in hopes that someone would recognize the canine.

To his luck, detectives canvasing the area found Quavo running around the Crown Hill area, a neighborhood in Seattle. After bringing Quavo to the Seattle Animal Shelter, a Q13 viewer identified the dog and made sure his owners were alerted.

“I got him back, that’s all we care about,” Naylor said as she and Boogaard left the shelter with Quavo.

“We got our dog, I’m so excited, I’m happy. I don’t even know what I’m gonna go do right now, I’m gonna go buy him a bunch of toys,” she shared with a smile.

While the animal shelter told Q13 that they see pets reunite with their owners all the time, they explained that this was something special.

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