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IT’S that time of year again when spiders start coming out of hiding – and into our homes.

Late August marks the start of spider mating season, which means millions of homes could have an infestation waiting to happen.

And with so many people living in fear of the eight-legged creepy-crawlies, it's a good idea to know how to keep your home free of them.

Nic Shacklock from shared seven cheap and easy tricks for banishing the pesky creatures from your property.

Try lavender

Spiders can't stand lavender, Nic said, and won't want to be near the smell.

He added: "A lavender-scented essential oil can do the trick as the aroma will spread around the home."


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You can use a few drops in your fabric softener, or on your pillow cases to have the scent spread around the house.

Or place a handful of dried lavender into a sachet in your drawers.

You can buy a 10ml bottle of lavender essential oil from Holland and Barrat for just £4.87, or just £2.25 on Amazon.

Just remember that if you order online you will have to pay a little extra for delivery so make sure you factor this in.

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Buy a mesh insect screen

"Having window netting up doesn’t only prevent spiders from getting in, but also other pesky bugs such as wasps and flies," Nic said.

Mesh insect screens can reduce the chance of spiders getting into your house by creating a barrier and blocking any potential gaps.

You'll still be able to open your windows to let fresh air in, but you'll also be able to keep those spindly legs out of your home.

You can pick one for as little as £2.49 at The Range or £3.90 on Amazon.

Seal holes

Spiders often fit through tight passages when making their way into homes, so it’s worth checking for any holes and gaps that may be in your skirting boards or floorboards and sealing them up.

Nic said: "Preventative measures like this are best for keeping these eight-legged insects out."

To block these gaps, use some sort of sealant or draught excluding tape.

Screwfix sells a two-pack of 3.5 meters of extra thick tape for £6.99.

But if you don't need something as sturdy, you can get a six-metre roll of tape from Amazon for £3.99.

Spray white vinegar on corners

"A mix of white vinegar and water is not just a genius cleaning trick, it can also be used to steer spiders away as they can’t stand the smell," Nic said.

Try spraying it in corners once every morning to keep pesky spiders away.

A bottle of white vinegar costs just £2 at B&Q or a 750ml bottle is £1.19 at Savers.


Another scent which spiders can’t stand is the fresh smell of mint.

Nic said: "Light a mint-scented candle to spread the aroma, or even add fresh mint to some of your meals as the distinct smell will deter them away."

Candles can be pretty pricey – for example, we found one for sale at The White Company for £24.

But Ikea sells them for just £1.25 and it burns for 20 hours.

De-dust the bedroom

To prevent the mating spiders from coming into the bedroom, give the space a regular clean to get rid of excess dust.

This includes headboards, throws, pillows and even mattresses, as less dust means fewer spiders, Nic said.

This won't cost you anything apart from a few hours of your time if you already have dusters at home.

If not, you can pick up four large yellow dusters for £1 at B&M – or just 33p each.

Peppermint oil on a cotton pad

"Dab a bottle of peppermint oil onto a cotton pad and wipe it across window ledges," Nic said.

"The strong scent will prevent spiders from wanting to come inside meaning you can open your windows without worrying about them."

You can buy a big 750ml Spray Bottle Peppermint Spider PestSpray from Amazon for £13.99.

Or you can get a 10ml bottle of peppermint pure essential oil for £4.50 at Holland and Barrett.

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Cotton pads cost as little as 75p at Boots.

For other tips on keeping the spiders at bay this Autumn, view our SOS Spider Survival guide.

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