Shoppers rave this 'magic' serum is like 'filler' – without the needles

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There’s so many things that can cause tell-tale signs of ageing. Laying out in the sunshine (when it decides to make an appearance), the stress of our 9 to 5s and the impact that third and fateful espresso martini always has on our sleep.

We know Botox and filler can transform our appearance and give us an instant youthful glow. But if you’ve got a fear of needles, there’s now a new non-invasive way to take years off your complexion.

And no, we’re not talking about the Croydon facelift…

Skincare brand Invity claims to ‘press pause on ageing’ with its Youth Activating Instant Filler. The pack of five syringes contain serum that’s cosmeceutical grade. That’s basically a fancy way of saying it has ingredients far more powerful than your average moisturiser.

It can change your collagen’s metabolism and aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, aiming to deliver a result as effective as filler.

It’s proved so popular with customers, with tons of five-star reviews.

One customer claimed that the serum was ‘truly amazing’, while another added: ‘I noticed a difference immediately! I can’t wait to see what long term use will do. Aging backwards is the goal!’

Another satisfied customer gushed: ‘I swear, this stuff is magic! I noticed the results instantly, and got comments from the first day. Well worth the price tag and will continue to purchase.’

But at Metro, we don’t take just anyone’s word for it. So if we have to slather our skin in youth-boosting serums for the sake of research, we’ll do it.

Metro’s Kat Romero found that with the serum, a little goes a long way

‘You instantly feel your face tighten and lift. It’s a bizarre sensation at first and I was a little worried I was stuck that way. I could barely register a smile on my face. But it does ease off and the fine lines did appear to fade right away.

‘I’m turning 35 soon so I’m tempted to do anything to find the fountain of youth. I actually think this product is a brilliant alternative to injectables. Not only did I feel younger, I also felt my face glow. I can definitely see why it’s so popular!’

‘I actually think this product is a brilliant alternative to injectables’

Metro’s Mel Evans also tried the product and couldn’t believe how many compliments her skin received

‘As someone incredibly keen to try Botox or anti-wrinkle injections (at 32 I’m basically prehistoric in the injectables world, apparently) the idea of non-invasive filler is music to my ears. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

‘The applicator is a jolly in itself, I’m not sure why it’s designed to be like a syringe when a normal pump tube would suffice, but it’s a glorious bit of fun to pretend you’re injecting your own face, I suppose? The consistency of the serum makes it easy to smooth over your face, it’s not too runny or sticky, much like the vibe of a classic hyaluronic serum, and it doesn’t take too long before you can feel it getting to work. Like, actually feel it.’

We present, Mel’s 11s before using the serum

‘It’s said the serum is working on a longer-term plan for my skin under the surface, but up top it takes mere minutes for it to start drying and, what feels like, setting my face. I’m instructed not to move my face too much (which is what has got me into this fine-line paradise to start with) but pretty soon it becomes hard to move without feeling like you’ll effectively crack the serum. As someone who loves a good belly laugh, or at least to, you know, smile throughout the day, my range of facial movement feels a little more limited if I don’t want to mess with the serum’s work.

‘It certainly does a great job of setting those fine lines and while I feel there is a certain ‘muting’ of them on my forehead (with some ’11s’ already setting up shop) colleagues have dramatically remarked my skin was glowing and asked what I’d done – with the ‘filler’ and the brand’s eye serum the only additions to a pretty stringent routine.

Mel felt the lines, while still there, definitely appeared more faint a few hours later

‘I’ve been using the eye serum nightly and, again, with a creamy consistency and a rousing review from aforementioned colleagues I’ll absolutely be including it in my nightly routine, as, between these two products they’re evidently doing something good to my mug.’

How does it work? Glad you asked.

The serum contained ‘Patented Hyaluronic Acid technology’ which the brand says ‘instantly delivers a hydration boost to address fine lines and sagging skin’.

And as well as moisture retention and elasticity, the little wonder serum also ‘tightens and firms’, which we suppose is that feeling we felt when trying it out.

The brand says the ‘formula depends on a powerful combination of hydrolysed plant biopolymers and rhizobian and acacia gums to provide the skin with skin firming benefits. Skin lifting effects are observed in as soon as 60 minutes’ claiming users can ‘expect fewer wrinkles and significantly lifted skin after consistent use’.

Check out the brand’s range here.

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