T-Mobile Bets On Bradley Cooper in Super Bowl Ad Battle

Bradley Cooper is known for his roles in films such as “Limitless,” “A Star is Born” and “Silver Linings Playbook.” On Sunday, T-Mobile hopes he will be recognized for his work in one of their Super Bowl commercials.

In the spot, Cooper tries to sell his mother, Gloria, on T-Mobile telecom services, but their banter gets in the way. Cooper’s mother pokes fun at his wardrobe, the script and her ability to deliver her lines — all of which keep the actor laughing. In the meantime, the duo does manage to rattle off a number of features that might interest the crowd watching at home.


The ad marks Cooper’s first turn acting in a Super Bowl commercial and is believed to be his first work in a national ad campaign.

How did the company get him involved? Like another T-Mobile ad slated to run in Sunday’s game, the commercial was created and produced by Panay Films. The company’s founder. Andrew Panay, helped create and produce 2005’s “Wedding Crashers,” which featured Cooper as the antagonistic Sack Lodge. Brian Klugman, the head of creative for Panay Films, wrote and directed 2012’s “The Words,” which starred Cooper (Klugman has a small role in the T-Mobile ad which features Cooper).

Cooper joins a list of prominent celebrities, including Ben Affleck, John Travolta, Melissa McCarthy and Will Ferrell, who will be turning up in dozens of commercials slated to run during Fox’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVII.

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