Tattoo model strips to flaunt inkings as she works up a sweat in the heat

Tattoo model Hannah Joan seems to be suffering in the current UK heatwave.

The social media star, who boasts 50,300 followers, took to her account this week to tell fans she was 'sweating her baps off' as temperatures continue to soar in Britain.

However, her admirers didn't seem to mind that the hot weather meant the brunette stripped off to just a tiny white crop top and lace thong.

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Hannah was seen showing off her curves and ink as she posed against a white backdrop.

Her tattoos on display included a '11:11' tattoo on her stomach, as well as a ring of hearts, an eye over her bellybutton and the words 'forgiven'.

Hannah also has multiple colourful inkings down her arm, as well as ink on her neck, face and shoulder.

The model was seen running her hands through her hair in the first snap as she put her body art on display while rocking a sultry open-mouth pose.

She then pulled a few more sexy poses before she was seen fanning herself in a video clip.

The fan was also seen in the last post as Hannah pulled a face to show fans just how hot and sweaty she was.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "Typical British gal sweating my baps off waiting for a thunder storm after gagging for summer all winter/spring."

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Fans were loving the post, as one told her: "I'd be your fan man in this weather."

While another added: "Lmao, so glad I swiped to the end."

A third branded the model a "Northern queen", while a fourth branded her "sexy".

Someone who clearly wanted to get their hands on it even asked what she was doing with the sweat.


Hannah is known for stripping off to flaunt her tattoos, with her recently whipping off her top to show off her body art as she asked fans to pick her next design.

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