Tekashi 6ix 9ine Gives Away $50,000 In New Music Video

Tekashi 6ix 9ine may not be willing to spend more money on extra security, but the rapper proved he’s still down to spend big money.

On Friday, Tekashi released the music video for his new single “Bori.” The video, which was shot in Cuba, shows the rapper receiving medical treatment before handing out USD bills to locals. According to TMZ, Tekashi gave out $50,000 in total.

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It’s believed that the video was shot following the recent attack Tekashi endured at a South Florida gym. His injuries are on full display in the music video, including a bloodshot eye. In one clip, he can be seen going for an MRI – and it doesn’t seem staged for the camera.

Though the music video has been interpreted as a response to the attack, the lyrics of the song don’t directly address it.

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In late March, Tekashi made headlines after he was rushed to hospital after being attacked by four individuals at a South Florida Gym.

“[He was] attacked in a Sauna at a gym by three or four thugs who beat him up (he tried fighting back),” his attorney, Lance Lazarro, explained in a statement. “He had cuts to his face and bruises. Employees heard the disturbance and the perpetrators fled.”

Though police launched an investigation, they didn’t immediately have suspects in the case. This led Tekashi’s bodyguard Bam-Bam to make an offer on social media to the four perpetrators – he promised to give them $10,000 if they agreed to fight him.

“If you lose, you die,” the bodyguard said in the social media post.

However, earlier this week, three men were arrested in connection to the attack – Rafael Medina Jr., 43, Anthony Maldonado, 25, and Octavious Medina, 23. They were brought into police custody on charges of robbery and assault.

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The motive for the attack remains unclear. Despite potentially being in danger, Tekashi is reportedly refusing to hire more security.

Sources confirmed to TMZ that the rapper has no plans to expand his security team. He was reportedly going out in public frequently since the attack, even without protection, and hadn’t encountered any problems.

Given that Tekashi didn’t hold back giving out $50,000 for the sake of his music video, it doesn’t seem like money is the reason he refuses to hire additional security. And with three of the four suspected attackers behind bars, he may see no pressing need to increase his protection.

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